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How to make mineral makeup – it’s one of the most popular cosmetic products on the market today – and also one of the most profitable. It is now a multi-million dollar industry in its own right – and its popularity continues to grow. Making mineral makeup is big business.

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making mineral makeup powders

A mica mineral makeup product which retails for $35 (or more) could cost less than $1 to make – that’s one of the reasons many entrepreneurs wanting to start a cosmetics business often specialize and make mineral makeup.

Many AustraLab licensees have found making mineral formula cosmetics to be an easy and exceptionally high profit way to learn how to make makeup and kick-start their cosmetics business venture.

Another reason is that mineral formula cosmetics are exceptionally quick and easy to make – there are fewer steps involved in the manufacturing process than with traditional liquid foundations. Mica minerals can also be used as pigments in more traditional cosmetics such as lipstick and lip gloss.

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What exactly are Mica Cosmetics and how do you make Mineral Makeup?

makeup manufacturingAlthough there is no exact definition, mica mineral makeup is usually in powdered form – though it can also be liquid – and is comprised of micronized color minerals (Iron Oxides and Micas) and sunscreen minerals (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide).

Of all the cosmetic ingredients found in skincare products (including not only foundations, but also eyeshadow and cheek colors and body lustre powders and lotions), mica minerals are the most “natural”.

Mineral Makeup Ingredients:

iron oxides mineral makeupIron Oxides used in mineral formula cosmetics are naturally derived minerals from sources including carbon deposits and china clay.

Micas are naturally derived from the mineral Muscovite Mica. It is primarily used in cosmetics to provide lustre effects and produce a silky feel when applied to the skin.

Titanium Dioxide is obtained from the mineral Ilmenite. Zinc Oxide comes from Zinc Ore.

Some mineral formulas also contain the naturally occurring Bismuth Oxy-chloride, an opalescent pigment obtained from Bismuth. This is added to provide lustre and a smoother texture to the cosmetic.

Mineral makeup benefits – Why are mica cosmetics so popular?

Mineral based cosmetics have many advantages over cream or liquid or traditional powder foundations.

1. The sun protection properties of the minerals can provide anti-aging benefits. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the damaging effects of excessive exposure to the sun. And any skin care product which can claim to have anti-aging benefits, already has a great marketing edge before it even hits the shelves.

2. Mineral makeup looks and feels more natural than most other cosmetics. It can be applied in layers to increase coverage where required. This appeals to consumers in most age groups.

3. Mineral makeup adheres exceptionally well to the skin and is highly water resistant. Most consumers want long-lasting makeup.

4. It is quick and easy to apply with a brush. The texture of mineral makeup ingredients provides a soft, silky feel to the skin.

5. Convenient for travelling – no liquids or spillages.

6. Mineral makeup usually require the addition of very little, if any, preservatives when in powder form. Zinc Oxide helps inhibit bacteria. If water is added to the formula to make a liquid, then some preservative may be required. In powdered form, most mica pigments are safe without further preservation.

7. For anyone with problematic skin, allergies, acne, etc, mineral makeup is generally low allergenic.

8. There are a wide range of different color pigments available – depending on the size of the mica particles, you can make mineral makeup with many different effects. Many consumers like the luster that mica pigments impart in makeup.

9. Mineral makeup is usually considered natural and organic – a steadily growing market.

10. From a marketing point of view, consumers are now well educated in mineral makeup benefits – it’s always easier to sell to the converted!

There are many benefits to make mineral makeup – for the consumer as well as the manufacturer.

Ease of manufacturing, low cost of ingredients, high retail prices and the continuing high popularity of mineral formula products makes this an ideal way to start a high profit cosmetics business.

However, if you are considering a business making cosmetics, it is important to use only professional formulations with approved mineral makeup ingredients. Some experience is required in knowing the correct proportions of minerals to use to obtain the required consistency, stability, color and feel to the cosmetic product. The AustraLab formulations of an experienced cosmetics chemist can save you much trial, error and unnecessary expense.

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