If you’re in the beauty business – make-up, skin care, hair care, spa salon, bath/body products – you really should be making your own professional formula private label cosmetics products.

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private label cosmeticsAnd if you’re looking to join a burgeoning, high profit industry enjoying unprecedented growth, you really should be manufacturing private label cosmetics and private label hair products for the many thousands of beauty/spa/hair salons, pharmacies, boutiques, etc.

In every niche of the cosmetics industry there’s a healthy market for “own label” products – private label nail polish, private label natural cosmetics, private label mineral cosmetics, private label organic cosmetics … it’s virtually unlimited.

Why does a business need its own cosmetics brand?

The internet has globalized the beauty industry. Where once many beauty products were sold exclusively through professional spas and salons – and their distribution was strictly monitored – the internet has allowed mass access to these previously restricted items.

Not so long ago, it was impossible for consumers to purchase their favorite cosmetic products anywhere but an approved salon. And salon owners could not stock these products without the approval of the manufacturing company. This offered a powerful and professional business advantage to salon owners – it guaranteed a certain exclusivity over other products available in pharmacies, department stores and hair/beauty supply stores.

And discounting was a definite NO!

Fast forward to the 21st century and the advent of the internet. That exclusivity once so enjoyed by salon owners has slowly but surely been eroded. After years of recommending products and providing priceless free word-of-mouth advertising for multi-national cosmetics manufacturers, salon owners around the word are facing a nasty new fact – the internet has made it possible for their previously loyal customers to buy brand name products (sometimes at big discounts) without ever entering a salon.

No longer can salon owners rely on cosmetic company distributors to protect their interests – or their sales. It is impossible to control the spread of countless global websites offering big brand name products.

Just some of the previously salon-exclusive brands now available on the internet include:

Aveda, MD Formulations, Dermalogica, Guinot, Sothys, Yonka, Murad, Pevonia, Biodroga, Peter Thomas Roth, Cellex-C, Bioelements, DDF, DHC.

You can now find these brands on websites including:,,,,,,,,,,

There are countless others.

Private label cosmetics are the answer for salon owners looking to retain their profits and customer loyalty – and hence the reason for the huge growth in their popularity.

Most salon owners have stood by and watched helplessly as:

  • The professional image of their salon is diminished
  • Their coveted role as a provider of an exclusive product is diminished
  • Their customer loyalty is steadily decreasing
  • Product sales steadily decline
  • The cosmetic manufacturing companies grow bigger and wealthier, in part because of their invaluable recommendations – for which they now receive little, if any, benefit.

Smart salon owners are now recognizing that there is only one brand really worth promoting – their own.

You can make your own makeup, skin care and hair care products if you have an existing business and/or you can become a private label hair care and cosmetics manufacturer and make products for other salons.

You can even create new products, of higher quality than those produced by the multi-nationals an develop your own cult following.

There’s more information on manufacturing private label hair care in my article here.

The most savvy salon owners will know that the most profit to be made is by manufacturing cosmetics themselves – with profit margins easily reaching 1000%, many even begin manufacturing private label products for other salons.

When you contract a manufacturer to make cosmetics or hair care products for you, you’re potentially losing control of the formulations and quality of those products. But, more importantly, you’re losing a lot of profit.

And if you don’t own a salon, but you’re interested in a super high profit business in a growth industry, manufacturing private label cosmetics (and detergent) is a low risk, high prestige industry – no previous experience required. Check out this article if you’re having doubts.

It is however, imperative to use only professional quality cosmetics formulations and be aware of the manufacturing procedures. It is my aim with AustraLab to provide everything anyone could ever need to know to enter the cosmetics manufacturing industry and start a high profit business making private label cosmetics.

Click here to go to the AustraLab home page for more details.

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  1. Hi Sam,
    I am so glad I found your website. I was looking for someone to make cosmetics for me, but I can see this is the wrong direction and I’ve been given a lot of wrong information. I can’t wait to join you and to start making cosmetics for my salon and giving my suppliers the shove.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Francine.
      As you have discovered, private label cosmetic manufacturers make huge profit margins. You can easily make all your salon’s hair and beauty products yourself, and save thousands.

  2. Hi I would like to create my own eyebrow design line shadows ,pencils gels brushes scissors everything brow can you help thankyou

  3. Hello I am looking to start my own cosmetic company.
    I am at just getting started and any info would be appreciated.

  4. Hi Sam, I am desperate to find a way of making my own products. I would liketo start with a natural body cream. Kind Regards Shanday

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