Cosmetics Manufacturing has always been an extremely profitable business for me – especially when thinking “outside the square”.

What do I mean by this? While there are big bucks to be made by catering to traditional markets – such as hair and beauty/spa salons, skin care and makeup boutiques, pharmacies, etc – some of my most profitable cosmetics manufacturing projects have been created for businesses which previously never sold “cosmetics”.

fruit cosmetics

In part, I must thank my wife for some of these ideas. My wife is a busy journalist, without much spare time, but what little she does have is spent either in our garden or at plant nurseries and the like, or in her kitchen cooking (quite literally) the fruits of her labor.

She loves fruit trees (old-fashioned quinces, crab-apples, pommegrantes and figs), and unusual or hard-to-find varieties such as cumquats, persimmons, jujubes, white mulberries …

She’s also crazy about flowers – fuschias, gardenias, magnolias, gerberas, roses, bougainvilleas, banksias …

You get the picture – and that’s how, as a cosmetics manufacturing entrepreneur,  I came to know just about every grower of fruit trees, flowers and herbs in the southern hemisphere (and more than I can remember in the north, too). Not to mention that endless quest for the perfect strawberry farm where you can pick your own sun-kissed berries (and eat as many as you like along the way).

Many specialist growers have thousands of visitors some weekends. Sure, those avid gardeners want to buy plants – but what about specialist gifts? How about a range of flower scented room sprays, body mists, bath foams … lavender, rose, geranium … exfoliating hand scrubs and heavy duty hand creams …

We once visited a famous citrus growing district – which led to the development of a range of citrus-based cosmetics and cleaning products, capitalising on the fame of the region. The room sprays and hand cleansers  – in scents of orange blossom, lime, tangerine, lemon – had us touring the citrus groves and flower farms of the world in high style for many years.

The same ingenuity can be used with specialized cosmetic ingredients – macadamia oil, rose hip oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil – there are almost endless possibilities depending on the produce of the country you’re in. International manufacturers including L’Occitane,  The Body Shop and Aveda have made fortunes based on utilizing the natural cosmetic ingredients of particular countries. Why not you, too?

Thinking inside the square can provide enormous opportunities in the cosmetics manufacturing industry – it really doesn’t matter how many lipsticks, shampoos or sunscreens are out there, retailers and consumers always want something new – but when you think beyond traditional cosmetic markets (and traditional cosmetic ingredients), you can make a name for yourself and enjoy some really stellar profits.

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8 Responses

  1. Dear Sir/madam,
    could you please send me as much information about the starting you own business. Quite interested in starting a home basd business in the skin care industry!
    kind regards,

  2. hi please I want to start manufacturing of make up for black skin in Africa (Cameroon) please send me full information. thanks

    1. Hi Eve,
      There’s a big market for ethnic skin care, ethnic hair care and ethnic cosmetics – you can find more info about the Australab program for making cosmetics here. Also, you might like this article about a successful cosmetics company in Kenya, which is now worth about $1 million and manufactures only three lotions. They started out with no previous experience in the cosmetic industry and minimal funds.

    1. Hi Kate,
      I’m assuming you mean you have found a natural ingredient that you would like to use in body product formulations? If this ingredient has never before been used in cosmetics, it will need to be thoroughly tested for suitability to the skin, etc. If you can provide me with more information, I will be able to offer you more direct guidance.

  3. Hi..this has really helped me,but please could you send me more information about using natural ingredients..Thank you.

    1. Hi Sola,
      Nice to have you here. The AustraLab formulations contain many natural ingredients – herbal extracts, essential oils, etc.

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