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Wanna be the next MAC? You can when you know the secrets of how to make makeup.

Many successful makeup brands started out with small ranges, which quickly became extended collections of products.

To discover the trade secrets and formulations for how to make makeup, make cosmetics, skin care, shampoo, hair care, bath and body products, and start your own high profit business click here.

Why learn how to make makeup, when you can hire a private label cosmetics manufacturer to produce it for you? Because you’ll be missing out on huge profits.

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It’s not difficult to learn how to make makeup. When you make your own make up, you maximize your profits and maintain absolute control over the cosmetic ingredients and quality. As you begin to make makeup, you will soon gain the confidence to develop your own colors, textures, fragrances and formulations. You won’t be relying on a cosmetic chemist (at exhorbitant hourly rates) to experiment and recreate the colors of your imagination.





The 5 most frequently asked questions about how to make makeup:

  1. Do I need qualifications in cosmetic chemistry to make makeup and make cosmetics? … No. If you can follow simple instructions, there’s simply no need to get bogged down in technical chemistry, spend four or five years in university, and wait so long to make an income. When you use professional formulations, combined with correct manufacturing procedures, the hard work has already been done for you – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Once you begin to learn how to make makeup, you will find that you can easily experiment, substitute ingredients, invent colors – and, if you so desire, you will easily be able to read the labels of existing products and not just duplicate them, but even improve on their formulations. You can discover how to make eyeshadow, how to make lip gloss, how to make lipstick, how to make nail polish, mineral makeup, etc – there are no limits. The creators of many world-famous cosmetic brands have no formal qualifications in cosmetic chemistry – they began by purchasing professional formulations, practicing their skills in how to make makeup, then producing their own unique variations. Why not you?
  2. How long does it take to learn how to make makeup? … Much, much less than the time it takes to gain a cosmetic chemistry degree. After you have successfully made four or five products (such as lip gloss, mascara, foundation, moisturizing cream and shampoo), you will find you have developed the “knack”. With the correct manufacturing procedures, making cosmetics is much easier than most aspiring entrepreneurs imagine. It won’t be long before you can manufacture a complete range of eyeshadows, lipsticks, mineral formula makeup, specialized skin care treatments, etc
  3. Do I need expensive equipment to be able to make makeup? … No. Apart from a clean working area, only basic equipment is required – mixing bowls (glass and plastic), mixing spoons or sticks, mortar and pestle, pH paper for testing acidity and alkalinity, scales for weighing ingredients. Again, many world-famous cosmetic company founders began on their kitchen tables, with minimal equipment – and went on to create empires. So can you.
  4. Can I use homemade cosmetic recipes or a free cosmetics formula for making cosmetics, skin care, and makeup for retail sale? … No. Most homemade cosmetic recipes – such as those containing eggs, avocado, various fresh fruits, oils, etc – require refrigeration and even then they will only last 2-3 weeks maximum. Such formulations are not suitable for retail sale. They can easily develop harmful bacteria. If you want to know how to make makeup and make cosmetics for retail sale, it is imperative to use professional formulations which comply with health regulations. Free formulations provided by cosmetic ingredient suppliers are designed to make these suppliers wealthy – not you. These “free” recipes usually contain their proprietary “blends” as bases, or use expensive, difficult to obtain ingredients. In this way, you are held ransom to their high prices. Without knowing how to recreate this “blend” from raw ingredients, you cannot make your own make up or cosmetics without their products. Blends usually cost at least 10 times the price of the actual raw ingredients from which they are made. Most makeup and cosmetic manufacturers operate on profit margins of 1000% – even more. To enjoy these profits, and be in control of your own business and your own products, you must know how to make makeup from raw ingredients.
  5. Do I need approval from the FDA to make makeup and make cosmetics? … No. This is another myth the cosmetics manufacturing giants would like you to believe. The FDA does not test your products or issue licenses to make makeup or make cosmetics. Their requirements are simple: Your products should not use any prohibited cosmetic ingredients and be free from bacteria. If you are using professional cosmetics formulas (as opposed to homemade cosmetics), you won’t have any concerns.

The AustraLab program provides you with everything you need to know about how to make makeup. Click here to learn the secrets of how to make makeup.

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7 Responses

  1. I very much want to learn how to make makeup. I would like to start my own cosmetics business. Can you tell me how to join your program? I like it very much.

  2. Sam, do you think it would be possible for me to learn how to make makeup as I left school when I was 15 and don’t have much maths or science ability, but it is what I have always wanted to do. I mostly want to make eye makeup and mineral makeup. Please let me know how difficult it would be for me because I really want to start my own cosmetics manufacturing business like you and I want to work from home now because I have a 3 month old baby. My husband wants me to do something I like and making makeup is the only thing I have ever wanted to do, so please give me your advice.

    1. Hi Nancie,
      The fact that you’re passionate about wanting a makeup manufacturing business is a great start – it never hurts to love what you’re doing! You don’t need to be proficient in maths or science, or have a lot of education, to learn how to make makeup and start a successful business. All you need to do is follow my instructions, which are written with absolute beginners in mind. Basically, you’ll weigh the cosmetic ingredients, them mix them together in the order given. You choose your own pigments or dyes, plus fragrances and essential oils (where appropriate) – so there’s plenty of scope for your imagination, without any confusing chemistry equations. And in case you do need any assistance along the way, I’m always available to guide you.

  3. Hi Sam,
    This is baffling but not totally surprising to me. I am a Canadian student currently enrolled in a chemical engineering technology program at a local community college. I actually want to become a cosmetic chemist and have big dreams on owning my own company in a near future so I don’t know if it’s fate or merely a coincidence that I stumbled upon your website but this is really cool. I had my doubts about the cosmetic industry and was thinking to myself that an industry that makes so much money, it has to cost next to nothing to manufacture because who would want to spend thousands of dollars on merchandise and get low profit or nothing at all. It’s just like the music industry. I guess my question is how do know we can trust you? Sorry to be so forthcoming, but I am a student and 1997$ is a lot of money for me right now. I would have to pull some serious strings to get that money but how do I know for sure that this is not a scam or anything of the sort(not calling you an imposter lol, I just want to be sure loll)? Nevertheless, if this works out, I would be so ecstatic. It’s been my dream to create make-up for a long time now. I still don’t understand why you would share such priceless information for nearly nothing compared to what it’s worth, but I thank you. In hopes of hearing from you soon.
    Regards, Elsa

    1. Hey Elsa,
      Thanks for your interest in the AustraLab program.
      I appreciate your concerns – there’s no offense taken. My payment processing company is Avangate, a long-established company with a stellar reputation.
      The AustraLab program is stored on Avangate’s secure servers. As soon as payment is verified, Avangate will immediately send you an email link to download the entire program – so you are guaranteed to receive your download, with no waiting.
      I have now retired from the manufacturing side of the industry, and concentrate on private formulating and consulting, plus my website and licensees. This industry has been extremely profitable for me over the past 30 years, I have no need to keep my knowledge a secret. Having seen the ways the big conglomerates try to monopolize and control this industry, I guess I actually consider it something of a personal crusade to open up the doors for others.
      Please email me if you have any specific queries –

  4. hi, if i started making makeup and started selling it, like in my own home but turn into a make up store, would i need to have some type of education just to sell my stuff and to work in a make up factory, where they make makeup, do i have to have a education for that as well to even work in a makeup factory?

    1. Hey Karina,
      You have the potential to make much more money manufacturing and selling your own cosmetic range, than working in a factory for someone else.
      You don’t require any specific education to start your own cosmetics manufacturing business – the formulations and procedures in my manuals are all you need.
      Whether you would need qualifications to work in a makeup factory, would depend on the job description and requirements of the establishment.

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