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Start Your Own Empire
Manufacturing Cosmetics, Makeup, HairCare,
Sanitizers & Detergents

Are you sick and tired of working long hours for low profits with high competition?

Would you like to join an elite industry to which VERY FEW can gain access?



The trade secrets of making cosmetics, makeup, skin care, hair care, toiletries & cleaning products …


Plus – for a strictly limited time – a FREE lifetime international AUSTRALIAN brand trademark licence worth at least
and $10,000

of graphic designs to create stunning packaging for your products

Now You Can Make Australian Brand Products From Anywhere In The World – And Take Over Any Market By Storm …

OR … Start Your Own Prestige Brand – Make Your Name Into A Brand Name!

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At last …

Learn the secrets no makeup, cosmetic or detergent manufacturing company wants you to know …

The fiercely guarded cosmetic, makeup, hair care and cleaning product formulas that could help you earn up to $10,000 a month (even much, much more), working short hours from your home or workshop, no employees, without giving up your day job, or you can even have your own laboratory for mega-production. But you don’t need to invest four years and $250k in a university degree …


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I’m Sam Stein,

I am about to let you in on the most tightly kept secret of one of the world’s multi-billion dollar industries – that you can easily learn how to make makeup, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, plus manufacture an unlimited range of popular professional-grade household, commercial and industrial cleaning products – equal to or better than the big name companies – without a degree in cosmetic chemistry, chemical engineering or a million-dollar laboratory.

In fact, you can manufacture all the most profitable environmentally-friendly cosmetic and detergent formulas – from dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, window cleaner, air freshener to hand cream, sunscreen, lipstick, nail polish and mascara – all from your own home, workshop, shopfront, or any location you choose, safely and easily, with virtually no special equipment, and no knowledge of university science.

You can be one of the very select few to join the prestigious and glamorous world of makeup, cosmetics and skin care. Start your own empire without needing millions in start-up capital. For less than the cost of a pair of shoes and a designer dress, you can start a business that will change your life …

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How do I know all this?

Because, for the past 30 years, that is what I have done – made cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products for virtually every industry and made a truck-load of money in the process. Now, for a very small number of people, my knowledge and experience can be yours.

Soraya Shah

After my divorce, I realised I had to do something to become self-sufficient and support myself and my two children.
The AustraLab business allows me to work(…)

The secrets of the detergent, skin care and hair care manufacturing industry are closely and jealously guarded. Ask anyone in the industry how to do it and you’ll hear a whole heap of self-serving waffle about chemistry degrees, expensive formulations, laboratories, ingredients with unpronouncable names, etc, etc.

Buying a chemistry book won’t be of much help unless you have the chemical engineering degree to go along with it – making sense of all the symbols and jargon could take years.

Fact is – it’s easy when you know how. Contrary to what the fat cat manufacturing corporations want you to believe, you don’t need university qualifications, or mega-bucks to set up a laboratory, and the ingredients are not expensive – that’s all just a part of what I call The Great Cosmetic & Chemical Manufacturing Conspiracy.

And that’s why I’ve decided to reveal the lot!

The multi-national cosmetic and detergent conglomerates are among the most filthy rich companies in the world – and they just keep getting richer. They eat up their competition to maintain a multi-billion dollar stranglehold on their enormous profits.

Just recently, a relatively small manufacturing company was bought out by a bigger player for $146 million!

What I am about to reveal is something that will freak those greedy conglomerates, who thought their secrets (and billions) were safe. They won’t like it – and neither will some of my friends in the industry – but it’s time this monopoly was smashed.

I’m lifting the lid to allow you to reap the benefits and crack the “inner sanctum” of this little known money-printing machine.

The Secrets of Cosmetic & Detergent Manufacturing tells you everything there is to know about making and marketing 100 of the most popular, best-selling and high-profit products on the market today.

This “insider-only” information will allow you to become one of the select few holders of this rare and highly valuable knowledge.

And because you own the cosmetic and chemical formulas, you have complete control over your business, your products and your profits – you’re the boss 100%!

If there’s so much money in it, why would I want to share these secret million-dollar recipes with you?

Fair question. Fact is, I have now retired from manufacturing and I’m concentrating my efforts on helping others to succeed in this “underground” industry, so I am not in competition with you in any way, nor you with me.

(And, besides, I’d rather see the money going into the pockets of someone who really needs it, than a handful of obscenely rich multi-national fat-cat conglomerates.)

That’s why I don’t leave anything out – everything you could ever possibly need to know is included. I show you all of the insider secrets that I know – and I know just about all of them.

Even if you have never read a cake recipe in your life, my manuals will teach you how to become an expert in the field of manufacturing your selected range of cosmetic and detergent formulas.

The sooner you start – you will wish you had started sooner. In a few months time, you can be looking back at someone else who chose to take action and found fame and fortune, wishing you were the one who had joined me.

Or you can be the one.

So, how easy is it?

The manufacturing process goes something like this: In accordance with my instructions, you will set up a simple lab – at home, in your workshop, any location you choose – around $100 of simple equipment and $100 of sample ingredients should get you started to produce your sample range.

You order the raw ingredients in the quantity you require – my manual tells you how to find what you need and get the best deals.

Next, you weigh and measure the required amounts for the product you are making.

Then, following the easy directions in The Secrets of Cosmetic & Detergent Manufacturing manuals, you will add each ingredient, one at a time, into a simple mixing container. Follow my advice regarding the addition of colours and fragrances to tailor-make the cosmetic, toiletry or cleaning product for your specific market. Then, it’s ready to be packaged.

That’s it – straightforward, easy and safe.

All the instructions are in plain English and I assume you have had no previous experience with making cosmetics, toiletries or cleaning products.

Ingo Fiora

“To give you some idea of how much you have helped me, last month was my worst on record (due to an extended holiday) and I made $19,788 profit.”

OK, so how much profit is there in it?

This is something most people cannot believe until they actually begin.

Unlike many other manufacturing businesses, where margins range anywhere between 5% and 100% (if you’re lucky), the cosmetic and detergent manufacturing industry works on regular mark-ups of between 500% and 1000% – and sometimes much more. That’s why the big-name international cosmetic and detergent manufacturing conglomerates rank as some of the wealthiest companies in the world.

Many cosmetic and detergent formulas easily sell for ten times the cost of the ingredients. In fact, I have manufactured many products with mark-ups of up to fifty times the cost of the ingredients – I tell you how to do the same in my amazing marketing manual (more about that soon).

You may be shocked to learn that what you may currently be paying hundreds of dollars for each year over the cosmetics counter, can be produced for just a few dollars a bottle (if that).

The following table will give you some idea of how much money you can make from learning how to make detergent, makeup and cosmetics. The costs are based on prices in Australia, so this may vary depending on where you live – although my research suggests that in many countries the cost of bulk wholesale raw ingredients is much lower, even though the retail prices are very similar. The income estimates are based on realistic volumes of 5000 litres per month (again, my manual tells you how to market your products to achieve this level of sales).

Disinfectant1.5 litres.25c$5.50 
Shampoo500 ml.50c$9.50 
Liquid Soap250 ml.50c$4.50 
Window Clean500 ml.30c$4.50 
Floor Polish500 ml.10c$5.50 

australab cleaning products

These are just a few of the cleaning products you can make – with labels featuring the famous face of Rocky Roo. Everyone in the world loves this adorable Australian icon. Your products will stand out on any shelf – anywhere in the world. “Made under license from AustraLab Australia” is a priceless international marketing coup.

The profit margin in cosmetics is equally huge:

Lipstick25 ml.60c$22
Sunscreen150 ml.80c$20
Eye Cream100 ml.95c$45
Moisturiser150 ml.95c$45
Baby Bath250 ml.25c$6.50

I also let you in on plenty of ways to sell your cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products yourself and keep all the profits in your own pocket, but no matter how you sell, the profits are huge.

How do you sell and to whom? My trade secrets will now be yours. I am going to share with you my biggest money-spinners ever in my top-secret 50 Surefire Ways to Sell Your Cosmetics, Toiletries & Cleaning Products.

This information has never been published before – you will not find it anywhere else.

You’ll be amazed at how many markets are in need of your cosmetic and chemical formulas. You will even be able to create new markets and sell to customers who never thought of buying the kind of products you can sell to them.

Ian Turner

“It was the best decision I ever made – I made more profit in the first three months than I made in three years as an (internet) affiliate marketer, and in the niche I chose there is virtually no competition.”

And you’ll learn how to package and market your cosmetic and detergent formulas so that customers will choose yours over the competition.

Detergent and cosmetics manufacturing is an extremely profitable stand-alone business, or an excellent add-on for many existing businesses. Imagine the home or office cleaning company that could save heaps of money by making and using its own detergents, and the extra business it could generate from selling its own range of cleaning supplies to its existing customer base (and maybe even its competitors).

If you have a hair, beauty or spa salon, and you’re still selling and promoting another company’s brand – you’re missing out on huge business benefits.

AustraLab HairCare Formulations

What home or business can you think of that doesn’t use cleaning products and toiletries? Everyone has something that needs cleaning regularly.

Think of the market for cosmetics – hair, beauty, nail and spa salons, pharmacies, gift stores …

Then there’s fund-raising – for schools, sporting clubs, charities, etc – the potential for sales here is enormous – but you’ll have to read my manual to find out more about that. See FAQ for more ideas.

You could even surpass the success of big name companies and start your own direct selling network in style.

Sofie Donald

I worked out a plan to work with my friend Layla to set up a manufacturing business for the AustraLab products.
We opened our first location in a popular(…)

I even tell you how to develop export markets – however, you need to be ready to produce in large quantities, because orders can easily go into six-figures.

Is it difficult? Do you need a science degree to make cosmetics and detergents? People in the industry do their best to conspire to make you believe it’s complicated – it’s simply their method of self-preservation and maintaining high profits.

After all, do you think many people would pay $5 for a litre of disinfectant if they knew exactly the same product could be made for as little as 25 cents in your own workshop?

And, for precisely these reasons, I would urge you, too, to keep secret what you discover in the pages of my manuals, should you decide to become one of the select group to grab this unique opportunity. Don’t share this information with anyone else.

And because I want to give you every possible chance to succeed in this lucrative industry, and because it does in large part rely on its secretive nature, I am only selling a strictly limited number of copies of these exclusive manuals.

Many professions require expensive tools, shop-fronts or factories, and can take months or years to learn. And even then you may not make any money from it.

You can start making money from cosmetic and detergent manufacturing virtually straight away, for very minimal start-up costs with very low risk.

Maureen Wilby
Niche Product Manufacturer

“I am making more than $1500/week profit for only a few hours work. I never in my life thought I could make this kind of money so easily.”

Who uses cleaning products and cosmetics? WHO DOESN’T???

  • Hotels/motels/accommodation – they need guest toiletries (soaps, shampoos,, etc), plus in-house cleaning chemicals for windows, carpets, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen and restaurant
  • Car cleaning and detailing – interior and exterior cleaning products
  • Mechanics – they need to clean their hands, their concrete, their overalls
  • Office and home cleaning services, restaurants, nursing homes, retirement villages, – they need window cleaners, toilet cleaners, disinfectants, laundry supplies, etc, etc …
  • Gift stores and pharmacies, salons and spas – take a look at the multitude of bath foams, hand creams, hair care products …

All these businesses also have the potential to sell their own-brand cleaning products, toiletries and cosmetics to their existing customers – made by you! Or establish your own in-demand brand (I show you how).

There are countless companies and individuals who would love the prestige and media exposure of creating a self-named product range. You can be their private label manufacturer.

Some of the heaviest items to carry home from the supermarket are cleaning products – a home delivery service, especially for the elderly, is a great small business on its own.

Create an ultra-hip range of aromatherapy household cleaning products (one of my licensees did this and made over $135,000 profit in 5 months, working only ten hours a week).

What about selling bulk to warehouses, or petrol stations – customers fill up from the drum.

Then there’s you, your family, your friends, your neighbours – think of what you use in your own kitchen, bathroom, laundry and around the house and garage.

Take a stroll along the cleaning product and toiletry aisles in any supermarket – they wouldn’t stock that much stuff if there wasn’t a big market for it!

If you are to calculate how much a family of four spends on cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products, you will know it doesn’t take long to recoup your investment.

And because selling by the drumload to commercial and industrial customers is a great opportunity for big, regular orders (and fat profits), I’ve included formulations for the most popular bulk industrial cleaning agents. A few good orders could easily have you earning up to $100,000 a year (if not a lot more).

Deborah Ross

“I’ve increased my business profits by more than 5 times – I would never have believed this was possible.”

The great thing about cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries is that your customers use them regularly – your products are always in demand.

But here comes the best news …

When you purchase these manuals, you will be licensed to use the AustraLab Australia ©™ trademark.

This unique licence gives you a priceless marketing advantage – you can use the words:

“Made under licence from AustraLab Australia ©™ “

and my copyright designs and trademarks.

This licence alone has been valued by our accountants at a minimum of $25,000 – indeed, we will begin selling it for at least that amount in the near future.

But if you order now, it’s yours free.

The licence includes the AustraLab Australia ©™ trademark logo, plus the exclusive use of the AustraLab Australia ©™ graphics featuring the famous face of Rocky Roo and his mother Ruby Roo, plus hundreds of other award winning designs (see AustraLab Designs).

These were created by leading international graphic designers, costing in excess of $10,000 – they’re yours to use FREE forever, under licence.

My manuals explain how the use of this exclusive trademark and designs can bring you help you build your own business from scratch.

Zac Marzola

I told my neighbour I bought an Australian trademark licence and he said, “Man, that must have cost you an absolute fortune.”

You may use the AustraLab Australia ©™ trademark and labels to market your makeup, cosmetics and detergents. However, if you would like to create your own brands, my manuals supply you with plenty of advice about this, too.

The detergent and cosmetics manufacturing industry worldwide is worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year – and it’s increasing. A slice of that action can easily be yours now.

The fact that so little is known by the general public about how to make makeup, cosmetics and cleaning products, means you have a huge market waiting for you.

Fact is, cosmetic and detergent manufacturing is not common knowledge, despite being so easy.

Just about everyone can make a burger, clean a car or mow a lawn – and there’s no shortage of people who can show you how to do it.

The problem with most businesses is that when others see that you are successful and doing well, they will blatantly copy you. Consequently, you end up spending much of your time, energy and money constantly striving to stay one step ahead of the copycats.

But how many people do you know who can make makeup, cosmetics, and detergent and set themselves up in business as your competition?

And from my own experience, I can tell you that being a cosmetic/skincare/detergent manufacturer is an entree to rub shoulders with other wealthy and successful business entrepreneurs. Without investing millions. Without studying for years at university. The income and prestige of this industry take you straight to the “inside” – you’ll soon be on the “A” list, regardless of your background or education.

I don’t know how much a franchise costs in your country, but many of my friends have paid in excess of $150,000 – then they’re committed to buying their supplies at exorbitant prices from the franchiser, who also dictates their selling price. They wonder who really owns their business. Then they have rent and wages, expensive equipment, minimum stock levels to maintain, spoilage – and it’s goodbye holidays, hello headaches.

Not to mention, that at anytime, just about anyone can set up a similar business next door or around the corner … your “loyal” staff can even decide to go out on their own, taking half your customers with them … it happens all the time. Suddenly your profits are halved …

Not with this business … keep my trade formulations and marketing strategies as your own secret, and you’ll have a virtually copy-proof business – you’ll be the envy of all the other struggling business owners around you.

Ed Hoskins

“After more than eight years of hassles with unreliable staff and working crazy hours, I sold my business to concentrate on my AustraLab licence. It’s unbelievably easy. I work a third of the hours I previously did and the profits keep pouring in.”

The Secrets of Cosmetic & Detergent Manufacturing allows you to do the following:

  • You own the formulations, so you’re in control, at no one’s mercy, with no middle-men
  • Promote your brand – not someone else’s
  • Customise your products – you choose the fragrance, the colour, the packaging of your range – make thousands of combinations
  • Work from home, workshop or virtually any location – an average size garage is large enough to easily manufacture 10,000 litres a month – no overheads.
  • No employees – the cosmetic and chemical manufacturing process is quick and easy – you can even begin in your spare time – no need to give up your day job (unless you want to)
  • Choose your raw ingredient suppliers, buy in bulk, make your own deals, decide your own mark-ups, choose your own customers
  • No expensive equipment required – you will have some of your needs already at home. The rest is available at supermarket or hardware stores for very low cost.
  • Manufacture on-order only – no need to have stock sitting around waiting for a buyer. Produce a small sample range, then buy supplies and make only as required
  • Take advance orders and have a holiday in between – no shop-front to open or close
  • No special education, training or experience required – just follow my straightforward instructions, and you will easily be able to manufacture these products
  • All the profit is yours – no royalty or franchise fees. The Australian trademark licence is yours to use at no extra cost, without royalties
  • You are manufacturing consumable items – this means regular, loyal, repeat customers. And making cleaning product and personal care cosmetics is just about recession-proof (everyone still keeps cleaning, even when money is tight).
  • You can sell on a small basis to households, a medium basis to small business, or a huge basis to corporations, franchises, government departments
  • Low start-up cost – around $200 will buy the equipment and sample ingredients you need to begin manufacturing

There is virtually no other business I know of which offers such enormous profits for such low risk, yet costs peanuts to operate.

This is a rare business opportunity which is extremely difficult for others to copy.

The Secrets of Detergent & Cosmetic Manufacturing contains the following:

  • A step-by-step guide to manufacturing every product in any quantity – how to make makeup, make cosmetics & make detergent to international standards
  • How to negotiate with raw ingredient suppliers, speak the same language and get the best deals. Where to get what – a complete directory of international suppliers, including natural and certified organic, Brazilian rainforest and Australian bush ingredients
  • Detailed information about each cosmetic and chemical ingredient
  • How to set up a home lab or a workshop
  • How to understand and test for pH
  • How to easily test the strength of your competitors’ products (and use it to increase your sales)
  • Perfumes and essential oils (including critical cautionary measures) – plus my number one secret: How you can easily copy the fragrances used by the top manufacturers (it’s legal and inexpensive)
  • Dyes and pigments – including the psychology of color – how to make customers fall in love with your products
  • Preservatives – including how to use natural preservatives and make paraben-free cosmetics
  • Safety procedures for working with ingredients
  • Safe storage of ingredients
  • Labelling information and graphics – use my stunning photographs and illustrations to create endless combinations of designs for any market – from budget to luxury, children and pets. My top tips for the best and cheapest ways to print top quality labels
  • Packaging – how to make your products fly off the shelves (or your website)
  • Pricing – how to be at the top of the food chain from Day 1
  • Marketing your products – 50 Surefire Ways to Sell Your Cosmetics, Toiletries & Cleaning Products will give you my most super profitable markets, compiled from 30 years in the trade
  • How to copy almost any product on the market – it’s easier than you think – but hardly anyone knows how. Now you can knock-it-off for a fraction of the cost – I show you how to do it legally. (The multi-nationals would give anything to keep this under wraps)

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started and make sales from Day 1.

All my makeup, cosmetic, and detergent formulas have been engineered to produce high quality products. My clients say they are as good as, and in many cases better than, well-known brands. These formulations have been used in almost every application and in every industry – from governments and large corporations, to small business and households.

In some cases, I give you “budget” and “premium” formulations for the same type of product, to allow you to sell to even more markets.

Each formulation comes with all the instructions you will need to manufacture the products easily and safely.

The average industry rate for one formulation is anywhere between $500 and $5000. Take a look at this advertisement offering 56 cosmetic formulations for $26,990 – that’s $481.96 EACH!

Click to Enlarge

The 100 formulations in the AustraLab program would cost a minimum of $50,000 if they’re only $500 each.

As an AustraLab licensee, your formulations will cost less than $20 each.

If this isn’t a great deal, I don’t know what is. You’ll receive all the FREE bonuses, including your free lifetime AustraLab Australia ©™ trademark licence, valued at $25,000, your free 250-plus graphic designs, valued at a minimum of $10,000, manufacturing procedures manuals, suppliers directory, and marketing resources.

So, let’s take a look at the formulations:

Cleaning Product Formulations:
  1. Premium Dishwashing Liquid
  2. Premium Liquid Laundry Detergent
  3. Economy Dishwashing Liquid
  4. Economy Laundry Liquid
  5. Pre-Wash Laundry Spot Spray (Water-Based)
  6. Fabric Softener
  7. Household Bleach
  8. Carpet Cleaner (Liquid Shampoo)
  9. Pine Oil Cleaner
  10. Premium Liquid Toilet Cleaner
  11. Economy Liquid Toilet Cleaner
  12. Non-Scratch Liquid Cleaner
  13. Window & Glass Cleaner
  14. Air Freshener
  15. Tile & Household Cleaner
  16. Spray & Wipe / Retail Cleaning Spray
  17. Multi-Purpose Universal Cleaner
  18. Drain Cleaner
  19. Scouring Powder
  20. Oven Cleaner
  21. Liquid Wax Floor Polish
  22. Floor Polish Remover
  23. Liquid Furniture Polish
  24. Silver Polish
  25. Pine Disinfectant
  26. Concentrated Commercial Low Toxicity Disinfectant
  27. Germicidal Sanitiser / Disinfectant
  28. Liquid Handwash for Dispensers
  29. Industrial Anti-Bacterial Handwash
  30. Industrial Hand Cleaner
  31. Waterless Creamy Hand Gel Cleaner
  32. Industrial Stainless Steel Cleaner
  33. Pressure / Steam Cleaner
  34. Carpet Steam Cleaner
  35. Graffiti Remover
  36. Degreaser
  37. Paint Stripper
  38. Brick & Stone Cleaner
  39. Rust Remover & Delimer
  40. Vehicle Wash
  41. Workshop / Garage Floor / Driveway Cleaner
  42. Concrete Release Agent
  43. Pet Shampoo Concentrate with Aloe Vera
  44. Radiator Anti-Freeze & Anti-Rust
  45. Mild Conditioning Pet Shampoo


Cosmetic Formulations:

  1. Mild Exfoliating Facial Cleanser with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Pearls
  2. Soothing Facial Cleansing Foam with Aloe Vera
  3. Witch Hazel Skin Cleanser
  4. Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Milk with Rose Hip & Almond Oils
  5. Aloe Vera facial Tonic with Wheat Protein
  6. Makeup Removing Lotion
  7. Eye Makeup Remover
  8. Acne Healing Cream-Gel with Salicylic Acid & Rose Hip Oil
  9. Vitamin Cream with Rose Hip Oil for Blemished Skin
  10. Moisturising Facial Cream with Aloe Vera, Rose Hip Oil & Lacto-Ceramide
  11. Regenerating Luxury Night Cream with Jojoba, Rose Hip Oil & Wheat Protein
  12. Anti Dark Circle / Anti Puffiness Specialised Eye Treatment
  13. Fluid Mineral Makeup Medium Coverage
  14. Creamy Gel Foundation with Macadamia & Rose Hip Oils
  15. Cream Foundation for Normal to Dry Skin
  16. Lash Defining Black Mascara
  17. Gel Eyeliner
  18. Natural Look Gel Blush with Mica Pigments
  19. Shea Butter Lip Balm with Jojoba & Rose Hip Oil
  20. Solid Lip Gloss
  21. Creamy Red Lipstick
  22. Moisturising Hair Shampoo for Body & Volume
  23. Opalescent Mild Hair Shampoo
  24. Conditioning Shampoo with Jojoba & B5
  25. Anti-Dandruff Conditioning Shampoo
  26. Rich & Creamy Hair Conditioner with Rose Hip Oil
  27. Opalescent Protein Conditioner for All Hair Types
  28. Opalescent Detangling Conditioner for Long Hair
  29. Hair Balm
  30. UV Hair Polish with Rose Hip Oil & Shea Butter
  31. Body Lotion with Macadamia & Rose Hip Oils, Watermelon Extract & Avocado Butter
  32. Soft & Soothing Body Lotion Gel with Vitamin E
  33. Rich & Creamy Body Butter with Avocado & Almond Oil
  34. Opalescent Shower Gel with Rose Hip Oil
  35. Rich & Creamy Luxury Shower Gel
  36. Exfoliating Shower Gel
  37. Sea Salt Scrub with Avocado Butter & Rose Hip Oil
  38. Body Butter with Cocoa Butter & Macadamia Oil
  39. Healing Hand Cream with Aloe Vera & Shea Butter
  40. Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Hand Cream with Almond & Rose Hip Oils
  41. Nail Polish
  42. Mild Soothing Baby Bath
  43. Mild Baby Shampoo
  44. Pure Baby Care Cream with Rose Hip & Almond Oils
  45. Refreshing & Soothing After Shave Cream-Gel with Aloe Vera & Rose Hip Oil
  46. Sunscreen Lotion with Aloe Vera & Jojoba SPF 12-19
  47. Spray-On Sunscreen Lotion SPF 17-22
  48. Spray-On Self-Tanning Lotion
  49. After-Sun Skin Treatment with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Rose Hip Oil
  50. Non-Oily Sel-Tanning Gel
  51. Self-Tanning Cream SPF 6-11
  52. Anti-Perspirant / Deodorant Stick with Shea Butter
  53. Roll-On Anti-Perspirant / Deodorant with Aloe Vera
  54. Hair Gloss Gel for Men
  55. Super Smooth Shaving Foam


AustraLab now includes an additional 5 formulations at no extra charge:
• Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitizing Gel
• Organic Hand Sanitizing Gel
• Semi-Natural Hand Sanitizing Spray
• Sanitizing Hand Gel
• Sanitizing Hand Spray


The Secrets of Selling Cosmetics, Sanitizers & Cleaning Products on AMAZON.

Forge an empire from the comfort of your own home, by selling your cosmetics, sanitizers and cleaning products in a radically new way – around the globe!

Leverage the power of Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace.

Now you can sell the products you manufacture – direct to the buyer – and let Amazon do all the heavy lifting.

Make sales 24/7 – regardless of what’s happening in the world.

Distribution, delivery, customer service – let Amazon do all the work for you. Just manufacture your products, and Amazon will do the rest.

Since the events of 2020, one of the few items to be sold out worldwide are hand sanitisers, cleaning agents and disinfectants. And the massive demand for these products is expected to continue indefinitely.
And one of the few retailers to weather the financial storm of this unprecedented disaster was … Amazon – providing millions of consumers around the world with their everyday needs, delivered direct to their doorstep.

AustraLab now includes an exclusive guide – The Secrets of Selling Cosmetics, Sanitizers & Cleaning Products on Amazon.

Think big – and grow bigger. The door is wide open for you to begin.

Become an AustraLab licensee today


AustraLab Membership includes:

• Secrets of Cosmetic & Detergent Manufacturing Procedures Manuals

• Glossary of Ingredients

• Suppliers Directory

• 50 Surefire Ways to Sell Your Cosmetics, Toiletries & Cleaning Products

• 250 Award-Winning Label Designs

• AustraLab Trademark License

•  100 Professional Cosmetic & Detergent Formulations

NEW –  5 Free Formulations for Hand Sanitizers

NEW The Secrets of Selling Cosmetics, Sanitizers & Cleaning Products on Amazon.

The AustraLab program is available for instant download to any electronic device – you can read the PDF manuals on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – you can print or save to disc.


(that’s just $19.97 USD per formulation)

Click the orange button above – Pay with Bitcoin.

Your Online Transaction is 100% secure.
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 My Personal Guarantee To You: I know that if you follow my instructions and put my marketing stategies into action, you will have a highly profitable and successful business. If you follow the steps, and haven’t made substantial returns on your investment, just let me know and I will personally work with you for your first 3 months. I will be by your side as long as you need me. You will have access to my private email address and I will be available to give you my expert guidance. ( I usually charge from $400 an hour for private consulting – I wouldn’t take this risk if I wasn’t 100% confident that you can succeed.) But whatever you do, don’t delay. The number of free trademark licenses, along with the formulations and designs, plus my personal guidance, is strictly limited – once it hits the limit, this website will be permanently removed. Don’t be left on the outside, watching someone else getting rich – wishing it was you. You can be the one.

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