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"My story is this: I'm 51, about six months ago was laid off my job of 22 years. With my redundancy fund, I thought I would start my own business. You hear so much about people making fortunes on the internet that I thought I would try this, too. I bought an information package for $2000 from one of the 'so-called' internet gurus. As well, I bought a dozen or so other e-book courses ($910), all supposedly promising the formula to great fortunes. What they didn't tell me was you need a whole lot more cash for stuff like adwords, in order to make the really big bucks - and there's a lot of trial and error involved. I spent $3832 on adwords and made $438 - so altogether I spent $6732 to make $438. I realised one of the main problems with internet marketing is that every kid on the block is doing it - there's just way too much competition. It was then I decided I needed to look for something offline with less competition. But I didn't want the worries of a shop and leases and staff. Shortly after, a friend emailed me about AustraLab and I thought: 'Bingo! I can do that!' It took me three weeks to read the material, decide my business plan and contact suppliers. The ideas in the manual really inspired me and I decided to tackle the industrial/commercial market first. Within a week, I had my first order for $7980, which cost me $625 to produce. It was so easy, it really encouraged me, so I tried out more of your suggestions about how to get sales. In the next month, I had five more orders, totalling $74,345, which cost me $8,618 to make. Like you suggested, I asked for 50% deposit in advance, so I didn't have to outlay anything from my pocket, and used couriers for delivery. Every month has been better than the month before. After 13 weeks, I completely paid off my mortgage and credit cards. Zoe, my wife, is working with me, taking orders and emails. She loves it and can't wait to start working on some of your ideas for selling cosmetics to salons. I told my neighbour I bought an Australian trademark licence and he said, "Man, that must have cost you an absolute fortune." I said, 'Yes,' and laughed silently."


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