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Thanks Sam Stein, I just want to hug you! When I first downloaded the package I was soooooo excited! I couldn't wait to get started. When I saw all the gorgeous labels, I wanted to make EVERYTHING!!! Somehow, I managed to restrain myself. I decided to make just one product - air fresheners. I'm making small "designer" aroma mists, easy-dreams pillow mists, car fresh sprays - so many others - I can't believe how many different markets there are just for this. With my first order, I covered all the costs of the program and made about $500 profit. Since then, I've made much more each month than my husband, who's been working with the same firm for 14 years. The profit margin in sprays is so high, I feel embarrassed to say how much I am making. I still want to make EVERYTHING. Last month, I made samples for aromatherapy house cleaning products. Got my first order a few days ago - it's so exciting! Thanks again - can't tell you how amazing this has been for me!


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