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"I have a medium sized cleaning/janitorial services business - I've been doing this for about 10 years. I have contracts for offices and schools and about 18 months ago started offering home cleaning. My main expense is cleaning chemicals. Many years ago, my accountant told me: "You know, I used to do the books for a guy who manufactured chemicals - if you could find a way to make your own, you would make a fortune - there's tonnes of profit in it." I actually did try to find a way - but nobody wanted to sell me formulations. I rang a few chemical companies and all of them just laughed at me and said: "You must be joking," and wanted to sell me their own products. When I heard about AustraLab, I couldn't wait to get it. The first month, I saved almost $2800. In the manual, you suggested selling chemicals to customers. This turned out to be extremely successful - I'm amazed how well it has worked. I now have all my home cleaners take a full load of products with them on their cleaning rounds. I give my staff an incentive from all their sales to encourage them to sell. It really took off - our monthly average profit from selling cleaning products is $7900, without a great deal of effort going into it. I often do a "buy 3, get 1 free" special (like you suggested) which works great. For my business, this is all cream on top of my usual activity. Plus what I am saving on what I was previously buying from wholesalers, which is several thousand each month. AustraLab is a fantastic program - it really turned my business around. Finally, the little guy can tell the big guys to go whistle."


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