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Mother & Entrepreneur

"My name is Erica Davies. For ages I'd been trying to have a baby. Finally, two years ago, I had a baby boy, Thomas.

I quit my job to look after my little darling. In the meantime, I was searching for something I could do from home to raise some extra cash for the future, because my husband is struggling to pay the mortgage on one income.

My social life with family, friends and community during the past two years increased dramatically, and when I came across a recommendation for this system and looked into it, I realised that all these people could be my first customers.

My wonderful mother encouraged me and helped me with some cash, and setting up the business, and she was my ambassador promoting the products, alongside me.

Within no time, I could hardly make enough of the products and I'm now supplying dozens of outlets.

The formulations are really of the highest quality and the labelling you created is so attractive, it is irresistible not to buy everything we make.

"My most popular product costs me $3.20 to make and I sell it for $78.

I love it when people ask me what I do and I say, "I have my own skin care company."

It was like God sent me a gift to meet all my needs and educate my son.

Thank you, thank you and God Bless."


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