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AustraLab Success Stories

Soraya Shah

After my divorce, I realised I had to do something to become self-sufficient and support myself and my two children.
The AustraLab business allows me to work flexible hours and spend time with my family.
I began to operate my business from home, and now I have a friend as a partner, and we invested to expand to commercial premises, selling our products wholesale and retail. My partner has previous experience in marketing, and she and I are working according to plan to achieve even greater success.

Sofie Donald

I worked out a plan to work with my friend Layla to set up a manufacturing business for the AustraLab products.
We opened our first location in a popular shopping centre, next to a very big supermarket.
I trained 5 staff to operate in our business, using the latest technology with barcoding, etc., all linked to our office.
We have had unbelievable success, with the beautiful AustraLab labels, to cover all types of products, from hair, beauty and cosmetics, to household and family, from babies to adults.
Now we have expanded to a new location in another shopping centre in the same city, surrounded by unique, modern architecture of superbly designed buildings, providing the latest technology of its kind.
The design of the outlet in the new location matches the first location that we opened, with staff training in the same service techniques, based on education of the product range.
We are grateful for the continuous support and advice from Sam Stein and AustraLab in helping us to achieve this success.

Ralph Ricci

This photo was taken in a very popular, busy restaurant where I worked as the Floor Manager, just before we closed due to the pandemic.
After almost one year of wondering what to do, I read about AustraLab and had no hesitation to start my own business.
Because of my past contacts in my industry, I was able to begin supplying various businesses throughout my locality.

Lisa L.

Thanks Sam Stein,

I just want to hug you! When I first downloaded the package I was soooooo excited! I couldn’t wait to get started. When I saw all the gorgeous labels, I wanted to make EVERYTHING!!! Somehow, I managed to restrain myself. I decided to make just one product – air fresheners. I’m making small “designer” aroma mists, easy-dreams pillow mists, car fresh sprays – so many others – I can’t believe how many different markets there are just for this.

With my first order, I covered all the costs of the program and made about $500 profit. Since then, I’ve made much more each month than my husband, who’s been working with the same firm for 14 years.

The profit margin in sprays is so high, I feel embarrassed to say how much I am making.

I still want to make EVERYTHING. Last month, I made samples for aromatherapy house cleaning products. Got my first order a few days ago – it’s so exciting!

Thanks again – can’t tell you how amazing this has been for me!

Ian Turner

“I struggled for the past few years trying to make a living on the internet.

One day, I came across an article that said 97% of internet-based businesses fail.

I cut out and kept a quote which read: “Most affiliates earn less than their monthly utility bills from their efforts. It’s the merchants who are laughing up their sleeves – the compounded effort of an army of affiliates is making them rich – not you.”

That was when I decided to start looking for a more profitable business – as an affiliate I was earning an average of 10 % before expenses, and it seemed like there were a million other affiliates all trying to sell the same products. Trying to rank with google and keep up with all the changes, not to mention the spiralling costs of adwords, was time-consuming and exhausting.

When I heard about AustraLab, it made sense – the risk seemed low, the start-up costs were low, and the potential for profits was a heck of a lot better than anything the internet had to offer.

It was the best decision I ever made – I made more profit in the first three months than I made in three years as an affiliate marketer – and in the niche I chose there is virtually no competition, so my business can only expand.

Now I’m thinking of turning the tables – selling my products over the net and letting affiliates sell for me.”

John Parry

“I have a medium sized cleaning/janitorial services business – I’ve been doing this for about 10 years. I have contracts for offices and schools and about 18 months ago started offering home cleaning.

My main expense is cleaning chemicals. Many years ago, my accountant told me: “You know, I used to do the books for a guy who manufactured chemicals – if you could find a way to make your own, you would make a fortune – there’s tonnes of profit in it.”

I actually did try to find a way – but nobody wanted to sell me formulations. I rang a few chemical companies and all of them just laughed at me and said: “You must be joking,” and wanted to sell me their own products.

When I heard about AustraLab, I couldn’t wait to get it.

The first month, I saved almost $2800. In the manual, you suggested selling chemicals to customers. This turned out to be extremely successful – I’m amazed how well it has worked.

I now have all my home cleaners take a full load of products with them on their cleaning rounds. I give my staff an incentive from all their sales to encourage them to sell. It really took off – our monthly average profit from selling cleaning products is $7900, without a great deal of effort going into it.

I often do a “buy 3, get 1 free” special (like you suggested) which works great.

For my business, this is all cream on top of my usual activity. Plus what I am saving on what I was previously buying from wholesalers, which is several thousand each month.

AustraLab is a fantastic program – it really turned my business around.

Finally, the little guy can tell the big guys to go whistle.”

P and N

Dear Sam,

We wanted to say thanks and let you know how successful we have been.

We approached a small, independent supermarket chain with a proposal for their own range of cleaning products.

The first order, we sold them 12 different products. They were very happy and the second order, they increased it to 22 different products, and doubled the quantity.

We have just received our sixth order and this will be for 26 different products.

In five months, we have made a fraction less than $124,000 profit. My wife and I work approx 2-3 days per week – it’s extremely easy.

I guess we’re a bit lazy – we haven’t really advertised or gone after more contracts, we’re more than happy with this (we paid off our mortgage last month), but we know we could probably add a zero or two to our business if we wanted to.

Please don’t print our name or details – if the supermarkets we supply know we are making this much profit, they will want a discount from us.

Maureen Wilby
Niche Product Manufacturer

“I really love my job, the problem is the pay is lousy. I work from 6am til 12 noon for about $300/week, so I wanted something to do for a few hours in the afternoon to make some extra cash.

This really exceeded my expectations.

I love gardening and my dogs, so I decided to follow the ideas in your ‘niche’ section and I produce just two small ranges – Gardeners’ Hand & Skin Care, which I sell to garden, florist, home-improvement and hardware stores, and Pet Shampoos which I sell to vet clinics, pooch parlors and mobile dog-washing services.

I am making more than $1500/week profit for only a few hours work! (And it doesn’t feel like work).

I never in my life thought I could make this kind of money so easily.

I’m now in the process of setting up a website to sell my products online.”

Zac Marzola

“My story is this: I’m 51, about six months ago was laid off my job of 22 years.

With my redundancy fund, I thought I would start my own business.

You hear so much about people making fortunes on the internet that I thought I would try this, too.

I bought an information package for $2000 from one of the ‘so-called’ internet gurus. As well, I bought a dozen or so other e-book courses ($910), all supposedly promising the formula to great fortunes.

What they didn’t tell me was you need a whole lot more cash for stuff like adwords, in order to make the really big bucks – and there’s a lot of trial and error involved.

I spent $3832 on adwords and made $438 – so altogether I spent $6732 to make $438.

I realised one of the main problems with internet marketing is that every kid on the block is doing it – there’s just way too much competition.

It was then I decided I needed to look for something offline with less competition. But I didn’t want the worries of a shop and leases and staff. Shortly after, a friend emailed me about AustraLab and I thought: ‘Bingo! I can do that!’

It took me three weeks to read the material, decide my business plan and contact suppliers.

The ideas in the manual really inspired me and I decided to tackle the industrial/commercial market first.

Within a week, I had my first order for $7980, which cost me $625 to produce. It was so easy, it really encouraged me, so I tried out more of your suggestions about how to get sales.

In the next month, I had five more orders, totalling $74,345, which cost me $8,618 to make. Like you suggested, I asked for 50% deposit in advance, so I didn’t have to outlay anything from my pocket, and used couriers for delivery.

Every month has been better than the month before. After 13 weeks, I completely paid off my mortgage and credit cards.

Zoe, my wife, is working with me, taking orders and emails. She loves it and can’t wait to start working on some of your ideas for selling cosmetics to salons.

I told my neighbour I bought an Australian trademark licence and he said, “Man, that must have cost you an absolute fortune.” I said, ‘Yes,’ and laughed silently.”

Ed Hoskins

“When I started with AustraLab, I had a cleaning company, and I saw this as an excellent opportunity to lower my overheads and increase my profits. What I didn’t expect is that it would become more profitable than my existing business. After more than eight years of hassles with unreliable staff and working crazy hours, I sold my cleaning business to concentrate on my AustraLab license. There seems to be no end to the directions in which I can expand. It’s unbelievably easy – my wife and son help me with the bottling. I work about a third of the hours I previously did and the profits keep pouring in.”

Henry Taylor

“I’m a member of a large community service organisation. This year I became a fund-raiser on the committee, in our division.

I was looking to create something new when I was introduced to your incredible Australian concept.

I made a presentation at our first meeting and described the potential to raise money if we sell what we make only to our members, let alone beyond that.

We put it to a vote and it was unanimous.

We’ve never looked back – it’s by far our most profitable (and easiest) fund-raiser ever and has been adopted by all the other divisions in our zone.

It sure beats recycling cans and newspapers, or selling chocolate bars.

Ingo Fiora

“I was employed by the same company for 25 years. Everyday I felt useless because of the new technology, I could never catch up with the speed of the computer and the youngest people in the firm were so advanced ahead of me, I felt like quitting my job because I felt embarrassed all the time.

I have been sieving through different ideas for business over the past few years, because I realised my retirement money would never be enough.

I knew the experience and knowledge I had in business would be suitable for this project.

When I saw the designs of the Australian map, kangaroo, joey, and platypus, and all the other fantastic labels, it brought back great memories of the Aussie land, the fact that I went there for a holiday.

I always wanted to do business with the Aussies. I felt like it was presented to me on a silver tray.

To make the story short, the outcome is so great and so enjoyable, not only am I making big money – (just as you promised) – I’m travelling the world with my wife, especially Australia.

Thank you, mate, for helping me to retire sooner. To give you some idea of how much you have helped me, last month was my worst on record (due to an extended holiday) and I made $19,788 profit.

Hope to see you soon Down Under.”

Deborah Ross

“I live in a popular coastal tourist town. There’s more than 100 places for accommodation. I have a small cleaning business, providing services for some of these places.

I decided to use your formulations and ideas to make and sell products based around the well-known theme of the town.

I am now selling to about 75% of the accommodation businesses – I’ve increased my business profits by more than five times – I would never have believed this was possible.

I sell theme-based guest toiletries as well as gifts and souvenirs (like soaps and lotions, etc).

There are no other manufacturers in this area – the closest is about ten hours by road. So my customers don’t have to pay freight and they get their orders much faster.

As well, I no longer have to buy any cleaning products – this saves me a bundle – and I’ve even started supplying other cleaners.

There’s a fruit growing area not far from me, so I’m thinking about making theme-based chemicals and cosmetics for that region.

Who knows, maybe next I’ll be making apple-scented shampoo for the Big Apple.”

Erica Davies
Mother & Entrepreneur

“My name is Erica Davies. For ages I’d been trying to have a baby. Finally, two years ago, I had a baby boy, Thomas.

I quit my job to look after my little darling. In the meantime, I was searching for something I could do from home to raise some extra cash for the future, because my husband is struggling to pay the mortgage on one income.

My social life with family, friends and community during the past two years increased dramatically, and when I came across a recommendation for this system and looked into it, I realised that all these people could be my first customers.

My wonderful mother encouraged me and helped me with some cash, and setting up the business, and she was my ambassador promoting the products, alongside me.

Within no time, I could hardly make enough of the products and I’m now supplying dozens of outlets.

The formulations are really of the highest quality and the labelling you created is so attractive, it is irresistible not to buy everything we make.

“My most popular product costs me $3.20 to make and I sell it for $78.

I love it when people ask me what I do and I say, “I have my own skin care company.”

It was like God sent me a gift to meet all my needs and educate my son.

Thank you, thank you and God Bless.”

David Mueller and Danielle Heinz
Pharmacy Students

“I’m a second year university student, working in my spare time to help my parents pay my education fees.

My girlfriend and I just got engaged. Danielle and I are both studying pharmacy together.

Danielle heard about the concept and we looked at it together.

What attracted me is it’s an Australian brand and it has such a wide variety of different directions you can go in.

I said to Danielle: “If we can’t succeed with this, we can’t succeed with anything.”

So we decided to go for it. We used the cash we had saved between us so far, shifted the billiards table from my parents’ back shed, and set up our lab.

We started by promoting our business through our friends at uni and sports clubs and gave each person 25% of the sales they made for us.

First, we had eight people, now we have 37 girls and guys in the uni alone, working for us, using and selling our products.

Now we’re making our product in 44 gallon drums. Last year, we made just over $228,000 profit – and we expect this year to be about 30% more.”

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