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Dear Sam, We wanted to say thanks and let you know how successful we have been. We approached a small, independent supermarket chain with a proposal for their own range of cleaning products. The first order, we sold them 12 different products. They were very happy and the second order, they increased it to 22 different products, and doubled the quantity. We have just received our sixth order and this will be for 26 different products. In five months, we have made a fraction less than $124,000 profit. My wife and I work approx 2-3 days per week - it's extremely easy. I guess we're a bit lazy - we haven't really advertised or gone after more contracts, we're more than happy with this (we paid off our mortgage last month), but we know we could probably add a zero or two to our business if we wanted to. Please don't print our name or details - if the supermarkets we supply know we are making this much profit, they will want a discount from us.


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