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Pharmacy Students

"I'm a second year university student, working in my spare time to help my parents pay my education fees.

Minha namorada e eu ficamos noivos. Danielle e eu estudamos farmácia juntos.

Danielle ouviu sobre o conceito e nós olhamos juntos.

What attracted me is it's an Australian brand and it has such a wide variety of different directions you can go in.

I said to Danielle: "If we can't succeed with this, we can't succeed with anything."

So we decided to go for it. We used the cash we had saved between us so far, shifted the billiards table from my parents' back shed, and set up our lab.

Começamos promovendo nosso negócio através de nossos amigos na UNI e clubes esportivos e demos a cada pessoa 25% das vendas que eles fizeram para nós.

Primeiro, tínhamos oito pessoas, agora temos 37 meninas e caras só na uni, trabalhando para nós, usando e vendendo nossos produtos.

Now we're making our product in 44 gallon drums. Last year, we made just over $228,000 profit - and we expect this year to be about 30% more."


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