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"I was employed by the same company for 25 years. Everyday I felt useless because of the new technology, I could never catch up with the speed of the computer and the youngest people in the firm were so advanced ahead of me, I felt like quitting my job because I felt embarrassed all the time. I have been sieving through different ideas for business over the past few years, because I realised my retirement money would never be enough. I knew the experience and knowledge I had in business would be suitable for this project. When I saw the designs of the Australian map, kangaroo, joey, and platypus, and all the other fantastic labels, it brought back great memories of the Aussie land, the fact that I went there for a holiday. I always wanted to do business with the Aussies. I felt like it was presented to me on a silver tray. To make the story short, the outcome is so great and so enjoyable, not only am I making big money - (just as you promised) - I'm travelling the world with my wife, especially Australia. Thank you, mate, for helping me to retire sooner. To give you some idea of how much you have helped me, last month was my worst on record (due to an extended holiday) and I made $19,788 profit. Hope to see you soon Down Under."


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