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Niche Product Manufacturer
"I really love my job, the problem is the pay is lousy. I work from 6am til 12 noon for about $300/week, so I wanted something to do for a few hours in the afternoon to make some extra cash. This really exceeded my expectations. I love gardening and my dogs, so I decided to follow the ideas in your 'niche' section and I produce just two small ranges - Gardeners' Hand & Skin Care, which I sell to garden, florist, home-improvement and hardware stores, and Pet Shampoos which I sell to vet clinics, pooch parlors and mobile dog-washing services. I am making more than $1500/week profit for only a few hours work! (And it doesn't feel like work). I never in my life thought I could make this kind of money so easily. I'm now in the process of setting up a website to sell my products online."


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