"I live in a popular coastal tourist town. There's more than 100 places for accommodation. I have a small cleaning business, providing services for some of these places.

החלטתי להשתמש בניסוחים שלך ורעיונות כדי ליצור ולמכור מוצרים בהתבסס סביב הנושא הידוע של העיר.

I am now selling to about 75% of the accommodation businesses - I've increased my business profits by more than five times - I would never have believed this was possible.

אני מוכר מוצרי טואלטיקה אורחים מבוססי הנושא, כמו גם מתנות ומזכרות (כמו סבונים ותחליבים, וכו ').

There are no other manufacturers in this area - the closest is about ten hours by road. So my customers don't have to pay freight and they get their orders much faster.

As well, I no longer have to buy any cleaning products - this saves me a bundle - and I've even started supplying other cleaners.

There's a fruit growing area not far from me, so I'm thinking about making theme-based chemicals and cosmetics for that region.

Who knows, maybe next I'll be making apple-scented shampoo for the Big Apple."