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I worked out a plan to work with my friend Layla to set up a manufacturing business for the AustraLab products. We opened our first location in a popular shopping centre, next to a very big supermarket. I trained 5 staff to operate in our business, using the latest technology with barcoding, etc., all linked to our office. We have had unbelievable success, with the beautiful AustraLab labels, to cover all types of products, from hair, beauty and cosmetics, to household and family, from babies to adults. Now we have expanded to a new location in another shopping centre in the same city, surrounded by unique, modern architecture of superbly designed buildings, providing the latest technology of its kind. The design of the outlet in the new location matches the first location that we opened, with staff training in the same service techniques, based on education of the product range. We are grateful for the continuous support and advice from Sam Stein and AustraLab in helping us to achieve this success.


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