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The Great Cosmetics Conspiracy - Part 1 ... Start your Own Business

Make cosmetics and start your own business – it’s easier than “they” want you to believe.


The cosmetics manufacturing industry is worth more billions than any of us could count in several lifetimes – which is precisely why the multi-national cosmetic conglomerates are as happy as the proverbial lark for their inner sanctums to be shrouded in myths and misinformation.

Just to whet your appetite, the value of the cosmetics and toiletries market in Europe is around the $100 billion mark per annum, in USA $50 billion, and Japan $30 billion.

But that $180 billion isn’t even scratching the surface – Asia, India, Africa, Middle East … how many zeros can you handle?

Is it any surprise the big name brands from L’Oreal to Unilever don’t want to share a slice of these massive profits, eating up their competition to create giant global monopolies?

Profit margins in the cosmetics manufacturing industry can easily reach 1000%, sometimes more – staggering returns on anyone’s terms. Maybe hard to imagine for the uninitiated, but when you look at the major players in this game, you’ll see they’re some of the largest, mega-wealthiest corporations in the world, with forever increasing growth.

These companies guard their intellectual property – their formulations – fiercely.

It’s their lifeblood – the fact that the formulas and manufacturing procedures of how to make makeup and make cosmetics, though relatively simple, are not common knowledge, and so many myths prevail, allows them to keep a strong stranglehold worldwide.

Just to give you an indication of how the cosmetic manufacturing industry conspires to maintain it’s secrecy (and shut aspiring competitors out), suppose you want to do some research to discover the massive value of the cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing industry worldwide.

You’ll probably want to access the Euromonitor International report which includes statistics, analysis and projections for: baby care, bath and shower products, deodorants, hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, men’s grooming products, fragrance, sun care, etc.

No problem – this information will cost you a cool $10,000 – just small change for these cosmetics manufacturing fat cats.

Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself at this website here (have your credit card ready):

So, have you ever thought about starting your own business to make makeup, make cosmetics and toiletries? That’s where the conspiracy begins.

Maybe it’s an industry that’s never occurred to you because you think you need:

1. A cosmetic chemistry degree – minimum four years at university

2. An expensive laboratory

3. A license from the FDA

Wrong, wrong … and wrong again.

The cosmetic and toiletries industry requires no previous experience or particular education – if you can follow simple instructions provided by an experienced formulator, you can easily make makeup and make cosmetics – equal to or better than virtually any of the top selling products on the market today.

You can get started for less than the cost of most other businesses – basic, inexpensive equipment is all you need. Ingredients are so cheap, you’ll wonder how a product that costs less than $3 to make sells for over $100 on the pharmacy shelf. (I don’t call it a conspiracy for no reason).

No licensing is required from the FDA, despite a campaign of mis-information to persuade you to think otherwise. Just make sure you use professional formulations, and you’ll have no problems.

Once you have the formulations, you can easily start a high profit business making color makeup, skin care, hair care, toiletries – you name it.

Wanna start your own cosmetic manufacturing and/or detergent formulas business? Check out the AustraLabАустраЛаб website to get started in this multi-billion dollar industry.

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