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How to Make Eye Makeup ... Start your Own Business

So, you want to make eye makeup? You want to be the next Lancome or MAC? Making cosmetics and colour makeup is not only a growing industry, it’s a creative and rewarding business.

Click here to discover the trade secrets and formulations to make eye makeup and start your own cosmetics line.

making mineral makeup

One of the easiest and highest profit methods to make eye makeup is utilizing mica mineral formulas.

Why use mica minerals to make eye makeup?

From the point of view of the aspiring cosmetics manufacturer, apart from the high profitability, the advantage of using mica minerals to make eye makeup include:

  • Easy and quick to make – fewer production procedures
  • Almost endless color possibilities – mica pigments are available in many colors and can be mixed to create almost any shade.
  • Micas are also available in many different particle sizes, allowing you to manufacture eye makeup with different effects. If you want to create eye makeup with a satin effect, use smaller micas of about 20 microns If you want to create eye makeup with a more noticeable sparkle, use micas of up to 150 microns.
  • Micas come in metallic shades and brilliant shades. If you want to create eye makeup in metallic shades (gold, silver, copper, bronze), use micas which have been treated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide pigments (black, yellow and red). If you want to create eye makeup in brighter shades, use micas which have been treated with colored pigments such as D&C reds, aluminium oxide, chromium oxide or carmine – to name just a few.
  • Customers love mineral makeup. If you make eyeshadows with mica pigments, you will be offering your consumers a low-toxic, low-allergenic product which provides sun protection, is easy to apply and long lasting. Click here to read more about how to make mineral makeup.

how to make eye makeup

Why stop at mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow? For sure, it’s a huge market – you can easily make eyeshadow and make eyeliner – but why not take it one step further? Dark circles under the eyes and puffiness are common among both women and men.

What causes dark circles under the eyes? Engorged blood vessels. The blood vessels under the eyes are extremely fragile – and because the skin surrounding the eyes is thin, these blood vessels are more noticeable in some people.

These fragile blood vessels release pigments produced by protein from the red blood cells (known as haemoglobin). This is what causes the dark pigmentation of the skin surrounding the eye area.

You can take advantage of the new cosmetic ingredients which have been specifically formulated to treat dark circles under the eyes, by making specialized eye treatment creams.

With a professional formulation and correct manufacturing procedures, you can not only create a gorgeous spectrum of eye makeup colors, but also these in-demand eye creams – easily and inexpensively – yet the profit margin is extremely high.

make eyeshadowHowever, if you want to make eye makeup for retail sale – and enjoy the huge profit margins this industry offers – it is imperative to use only professionally formulated cosmetics formulas and manufacturing procedures. Although you don’t need a license from the FDA to make eye makeup, cosmetics and skin care products must comply with FDA regulations – primarily, they must be free from any pathogens or prohibited ingredients.

When you use professional formulations from the AustraLab range, you can be sure you will manufacture eye makeup to high quality, international standards. You will be able to make eye makeup which is equal to, if not better than, the leading brands.

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