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Cosmetic Ingredients ... How One Essential Oil Created a Billion Dollar Empire ... Start your Own Business

Could selling rosemary oil products and skin care with natural cosmetic ingredients at open air markets develop into an international cosmetics making business with 5000 employees, 1500 outlets in 85 countries, and a net worth of 2.1 billion euros?

l'occitane cosmeticsThese were the humble beginnings of L’Occitane en Provence – the cosmetic and toiletries manufacturer which recently became the first French company to acquire a listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Why list in Asia, not native France? Because 35% of L’Occitane’s sales come from Asia Pacific, with plans to double the number of its outlets in China from the current level of 40, within the next few years.

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The company also plans to open 650 new stores worldwide in the next five years, focussing on emerging markets such as India, Russia, Brazil and Mexico and expanding its reach in developed countries including Japan, South Korea, the U.S. and the U.K.

Japan is L’Occitane’s leading market, accounting for 24% of sales. This compares with just 13% in its homeland.

L’Occitane experienced significant growth in internet sales in the past year, and plans to dedicate further resources to this distribution channel, believing that it offers “high growth potential”.

lavender in cosmetics

So, what does all this mean to anyone contemplating a business in cosmetic manufacturing using natural skin care ingredients? There’s much to be learned from L’Occitane’s success.

  1. Small beginnings – such as selling one specific range of products based on the cosmetic ingredients of a specific region – can lead to big things.
  2. Natural cosmetic ingredients sourced from a specific region can appeal to consumers from around the globe – much wider than just the country of origin.
  3. Even with so many stores and a strong international brand presence, the internet cannot be overlooked as a significant source of income.

You might not aspire to grow your cosmetics business to the massive proportions of this French company, but even one small, specific range of products focussing on a few special beauty ingredients can bring you high profits and financial security.

Cosmetic recipes tailored and marketed to suit a specific region or the benefits of specific ingredients – such as salts from the Dead Sea or lavender from Provence – are an opportunity to profit from a proven marketing strategy.

This is one area which has been extremely successful for me – primarily as a private label manufacturer. Every country or region has something different to offer – you can create unique cosmetic products – including skin care, hair care, makeup and toiletries (or even a unique detergent or air freshener range using specific essential oils) – all it takes is a little creativity and imagination, and a willingness to think outside the square.

The best news is that you don’t need a degree in cosmetic chemistry to learn how to formulate cosmetics and start a high profit, prestige business. AustraLab provides you with all the resources you need – click here to learn more.

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