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Who wants their own range of bath body products?

Just about everyone, or so it seems – which is great news for anyone in the business of manufacturing cosmetics, toiletries, and bath beauty products.

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french connection toiletriesThe latest big name to recently announce that it is starting its own private label bath and body products range is UK fashion retailer French Connection.

The grapefruit, jasmine and vetiver scented range of products will include:

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • hand & body wash
  • hand & body lotion
  • bath soap
  • shaving products

French Connection also plans to sell its range to hotels as guestroom toiletries – a fantastic way to put their name in front of many more potential customers, and even increase consumer sales of these particular products.

Like so many retailers (big and small), the fashion merchant knows there’s more money (and prestige) in selling it’s own brand of bath body products and toiletries, than in promoting another name.

There are endless opportunities here for private label cosmetics, bath body products and toiletry manufacturers.

Hotel and accommodation facilities are big time users of bathroom products (not to mention all manner of detergent and cleaning products). And they all love to see their own brand label on what they buy and give to their customers.

In the same way that so many companies spend big dollars on promotional items such as branded pens and baseball caps, for many businesses toiletry items represent an excellent opportunity to keep their name in front of their customers.

The AustraLab package provides all the formulations, procedures and marketing information required to start a high profit business manufacturing bath body products – for clients like French Connection, fashion retailers, home designer/decorator outlets, hotels, pharmacies, drug stores, department stores …

You’ll never run out of unique combinations to provide every client with an individual range of products – simply experiment with different scents and essential oils, and you’ll have a million possibilities.

And – with a little imagination – you’ll never run out of businesses who want and need their own brand products.

Click here to start your own business manufacturing bath body products.

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