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Detergent Formula – Not All Equal, Not All Profitable

Detergent Formula – Not All Equal, Not All Profitable

Detergent formulas are not difficult to manufacture, but it is imperative that you use only professional formulations – and that you have control over those formulas.

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1. The average detergent formula (primarily those supplied for free by chemical supply companies) comprises a mixture of “proprietary” ingredients.

What this means is that the chemical supplier provides you with “free” detergent formulations utilizing their pre-made mixtures as a major ingredient, to which you add a few other ingredients – mainly water. The problem with this is that this mixture is usually way over-priced, cutting considerably into your profit margins.

But, of greater importance, you do not know the exact composition of this mixture, meaning you are relying on this particular supplier in order to be able to manufacture your detergent products (there really is no such thing as a “free” formulation).

I advise never allowing yourself to be held ransom to any supplier.

When you own your formulations, and manufacture from raw ingredients, not proprietary blends, you are in control of your business. At any time, you can change suppliers without any disruption to your business – or any change in your detergent formula. You need have no concerns about your supplier being out of stock, making ridiculous price increases, or giving you poor service – when you own the cleaning product formulas, you can choose your raw ingredient suppliers, get the best deals and make the highest possible profits. Whether you are making laundry detergent formula, bleach formula or dishwasher detergent formula – you’ll be making maximum profits.

2. Many free detergent formulas employ soap flakes and castile soap as their major ingredient (not to mention borax, white vinegar and an assortment of other ingredients).

This is not how professional detergents, including laundry detergent recipes, are made. This should be a red warning light that this is a “home-made” detergent recipe. Apart from the fact that detergents made using soap flakes are generally unsuitable for retail sale and consumer use, they are too expensive and cut into your profit margins. These detergent recipes can damage clothes and washing machines.

If you want to make profits like the major detergent and cleaning product manufacturers, you must use professional formulas and raw ingredients – not soap flakes. Read this article for more information.

3. When you manufacture your detergents and cleaning product formulas from raw ingredients using professional recipes, you will soon understand enough about detergent formulation to be able to modify existing formulations and even create your own. This will enable you to cater for new markets.

The AustraLab detergent formulations allow you to be in complete control of your business – these cleaning product formulas are made from scratch using raw ingredients. You can easily adjust the recipes by adding different fragrances, essential oils and pigments to create an almost endless number of combinations for any market.

Read this article here for more information on the process to make your own cleaning products and detergent formulations.

The profit margins in making detergents and cleaning products can easily reach 1000% – if not more. Most detergent products comprise about 75% water (and may be as high as 90%) and the remaining raw ingredients are surprisingly inexpensive – it’s not something that the world’s major cleaning product manufacturers really want you to know (and not a secret you should share, should you decide to start your own detergent and cleaning product manufacturing business).

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  1. please guide me on how to make cleaning detergents, i mean the formulas.

    • Hi Mahomed,
      Thanks for stopping by – you can learn more about how to make detergent from within my blog posts on this site – and more about my formulas from my main website –

  2. social bushe says:

    pliz help me with formulars for dertegents manufacturing;

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Jeff,
      Please get in touch if you have some specific questions, in the meantime you can read more here about how to get started in your own business.

  3. Solomon Manganyi says:

    I would like to start my own company is South Africa. You right we should be able to make our own formulas from screch. Please guide me through regarding some ingridients i.e. for dish washers, and multi purpose cleaners etc.

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Solomon,
      The “Making Detergents & Cleaning Products” category on this site, provides more information about how to make your own cleaning products.

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