How to Make Makeup, Making Cosmetics, How to Make Shampoo, How to Make Detergent, Make Your Own Cleaning Products

High Profit Business Manufacturing Makeup, Cosmetics, Shampoo, Detergent

High Profit Business Manufacturing Makeup, Cosmetics, Shampoo, Detergent

How to start a high profit business? This seems to be the million-dollar question – but is there a million dollar answer?

If you’ve read my main website, (click here to discover the secrets to joining this limited membership program) you might remember I mention the benefits of the AustraLab program as being a high profit business which is difficult for others to copy, where you are in control (at no one’s mercy), and producing everyday necessity consumables.

I couldn’t help but smile when I read a new book, just recently released: The Millionaire Fastlane – Crack The Code To Wealth & Live Rich For A Lifetime, by MJ DeMarco.

Better than Rich Dad Poor Dad, Better Than Think And Grow Rich, better than any book by Donald Trump … this is a great book about how to start a business – not just any business, but a high profit, high success business. It’s a book which I hope you have the chance to read.

In his valuable blog about creating wealth and success, which you can read here, MJ DeMarco talks about “a simple picture that can make you millions”.

The reason I smiled when I read his advice, is because these are the very reasons that I have been able to enjoy great financial success myself – and the same philosophies I have been passing on to others for many years.

I’ve included three of DeMarco’s top millionaire high profit business strategies below – you can read the remaining concepts on his blog.

If you make makeup,make cosmetics, make shampoo or hair care, toiletries, etc you are indeed creating a business making products which are based on both a “fundamental need” and “pleasure”. As a bonus, many people actually will be able to follow their passion – cosmetics and makeup manufacturing is a “dream” job for many.

If you make detergent, you have a business based on “fundamental need” and “convenience”.

Is there a single person or business on the planet that does not use cosmetics, hair care, toiletries, detergent on an almost daily basis? And, unlike cars, computers and clothing, these items are everyday consumables which must be replaced as used. There will always be a fundamental need – today, tomorrow and in 20 years time.

If you start a successful business, once people see you making money and enjoying success, if they can copy you, they will – it seems an inescapable fact of life. You’ll end up spending a good slice of your time, energy and money continually striving (if not struggling) to stay ahead of your competitors, who will shamelessly copy your every innovation.

How many of your friends, colleagues or neighbors could copy you if you started a business making sandwiches or pizzas, cleaning homes or offices, mowing lawns, detailing cars or retailing clothing or toys? Or writing a blog about training dogs, growing veggies or parenting? These are classic “anyone can enter” businesses. There are few, if any, secrets. The door is open wide.

How many of your friends, colleagues or neighbors could copy you if you started a business making makeup, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, detergent and cleaning formulas?

The barriers to entry in this business are big – the padlock is strong.

Very few people know the trade secret formulations of how to make makeup, making cosmetics, making skin care, hair care and making detergent. Very few people know the manufacturing secrets to make the maximum possible profit from these products. Very few people know the marketing secrets to find the untapped potential markets which could make them millions. Those who know usually keep their secrets for themselves. The door is incredibly difficult for the average person to enter.

You might be interested to read my blog post on how this applies to making money online.

When you own the cosmetics, skin care, hair care, toiletries and detergent formulations  – (which is precisely what I offer AustraLab licensees) you own your business. You pull your own strings. You are in control. There are no contracts, no royalties, no leases, no ropes around your neck.

Internet marketers have to exactly do as the Big G tells them – a simple change in algorithms and they could lose their business overnight (it happened to thousands of websites – including some of the biggest players – just a few weeks ago). Would you want your business, your financial lifeline, at the mercy of an internet search engine ??? Franchisees have hundreds of rules and regulations to obey, while continually paying royalties and fees. Retailers need to pray their leases are renewed (at reasonable rent).

As an AustraLab licensee, you can buy your raw ingredients from any number of suppliers. You can choose the packaging. You can choose the colors and fragrances. You can choose to make a few different products or 100. You can choose what hours to work. You can work from home, or any other location you choose. You can cover any geographical area – even operate internationally.

And unlike a popular bath and body products franchise, it won’t cost you a minimum of $120,000 to get started promoting a brand that does not even belong to you, in a shopping centre with crippling rent and overheads.

Click here to Learn more about the AustraLab Cosmetics Manufacturing and Detergent Manufacturing Business.

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22 Responses to High Profit Business Manufacturing Makeup, Cosmetics, Shampoo, Detergent

  1. Tom Rosser says:

    Great post, Sam. I was actually convinced a while back, but I am even more convinced now. Just waiting to get together a bit more cash and I’ll be in. Have to say I was really pumped after reading this and can’t wait to get started.

    • Hey there Tom,
      Of course, I’m biased, but this is an exciting (and profitable) industry to be in – hope to see you soon on the other side.

  2. MUBEEN AKRAM says:

    I am really impressed Sam..
    Just in some days i ll join you up..
    Personally speaking- very eager to.

    • Hi Mubeen,
      It will be great to have you on board – and I wish you great success.

  3. Folake Ogunjobi says:

    Hi Sam
    I’m really impressed and intend to come on board soon. I’ve been looking for a business that meets all the criteria you itemize. My fear had been whether I could get quality ingredients for my formulation in my country Nigeria.

    • Thanks for your interest, Folake. There are established suppliers of raw ingredients in Nigeria – and with such a large population, I am sure you will have no trouble finding markets for your products.

  4. Monica Nana says:

    Hello Sam, your article is an eye opener. I’m really convinced and I’d like to get on board.

    • Hi Monica,
      Most folk don’t realize the incredible potential of this industry – there are many untapped markets and niches. I hope it opens eyes (and doors) for budding entrepreneurs (like you!).
      Please take a look at this article about a trio of Kenyan students who started their own cosmetics company, now worth around $1 million – I think you’ll find it motivating (and amazing) – click here.
      P.S. I really should add here that cosmetic manufacturing is not just highly profitable – it’s great fun – a truly creative and rewarding enterprise.

  5. Kuna Nykjær Petersen says:

    Hello dear Sam ,
    This was exactly what i have been looking and searching for .
    So much love and happiness to read about your invention.
    I will join when it will be possible.

    Much love and suistainable green hug 😉
    Kuna <3

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Kuna,

      I look forward to have you on board – and thanks so much for your kind words!

  6. Micah Lawrence says:

    I have researched your business and site, and I am really impressed. In fact, I will be purchasing a license by next week coming in 7/10/12. I have found very favorable reviews about your company and I look forward to your help in getting started. I have a laundromat in my home town that told me to bring samples and prices.

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Micah,
      I look forward to helping you start your own business in the near future. Let me know if you have any queries.

  7. Lona Gibson says:

    Hi there.

    I’m living in South Africa and already bought everything to start the bussinessbut I need the formula’s to mix the correct amount. Please can you assist me.

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Lona,
      The AustraLab manuals comprise 100 professional formulations for cosmetic and detergent products – more than enough to get you started in business!

  8. Really impressed with all that i searched about australab. I truly truly want to buy your formula, but money is the problem now.

  9. am really impressed after reading this…but ve been working on liquid dish wash and hair shampoo but how do i get on board with you?

  10. Hi Sam, I’ve been looking on yourbwebsite for over 7 months now, and I’m really interested in joining you. I’ve been saving some money for the formulas, I’m doing the bank transfare tomorrow. And I can’t wait to get started, I look forward to your future help.

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Desmond,
      I look forward to having you on board – see you on the inside. Let’s make 2013 a great success!

  11. Hi Sam,
    I want to start Hotel Guest Amenities business Please let me know how we can start with you . Anxiously waiting. Thanks Suhail

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Suhail,
      Manufacturing guest toiletries for hotels and tourist facilities is an excellent business concept. The AustraLab program includes many formulations which are perfect for this purpose.

  12. Hi Sam I would like to know if the formula is still available and if you included the list of established raw material supplies in Nigeria to your manual.

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Padei,
      The AustraLab manuals include an extensive directory of international ingredient suppliers, including Nigeria.

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