Branding – especially in the cosmetics manufacturing industry – really can make a difference.

For anyone getting started in their own cosmetics manufacturing and detergent business, the use of the AustraLab trademark gives you a great head start.

Apart from the substantial time and cost savings of engaging a graphic designer to come up with a logo and label for each product, the AustraLab designs are different and eye-catching – a perfect selling point for retailers and consumers alike.

Depending on how big you want to grow, the AustraLab branding is all you’ll ever need to run a successful, high profit cleaning product formulas and cosmetics manufacturing business.

Millionaire Branding Strategy

branding for cosmetics and toiletriesHowever, I will share with you one of my millionaire strategies – I’ve used it myself, and it’s commonly employed by the wealthiest companies in the world: Multiple Branding.

Most major manufacturing conglomerates make products under many different brand names, at many different price points. They even make virtually identical products under different brands, thus creating their own “competition”. You can read more about this here in another of my posts about branding.

As an example, cosmetics manufacturing guru Charles Revson originally created three brands: Etherea was high-end, high price, limited distribution, exclusive; Ultima II was sold in fine department stores; Revlon was broadly distributed in general department stores and boutiques (and is still popular today).

Each product was differentiated by price, packaging, product claims, advertising, etc.

It was many years ago since Revson had this stroke of branding genius – yet it is a tactic still widely used today in many industries.

Some of my AustraLab licensees are doing the exact same thing with great success. Even within the AustraLab range of formulations, you will find several “economy” detergent formulas, to allow you to sell to a broader market.

Begin by using the AustraLab branding, build up some experience and your finances, then consider manufacturing your cosmetic and/or detergent products under more labels – your own labels and your customers’ own brand names, as a private label manufacturer.

Most of the big name conglomerates manufacture cosmetics, toiletries and detergents under dozens of different brand names – all made under the same roof.

To start your own cosmetics manufacturing business click here.

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  1. Hey Sam, I must say, this sounds like another huge winning idea that I’ve thought of years ago. I totally agree with you about using multiple branding. Thank a-billion-dollar-times again!

    1. Hi Candice,
      Great minds think alike!
      This is a major marketing tactic of the cosmetic manufacturing and detergent manufacturing giants (as well as many other industries). The great thing is that it works just as successfully for small manufacturers, too.

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