What’s in a name – or, more precisely, a brand name such as AustraLab?

You might be wondering: What’s the advantage of the AustraLab Australian trademark license for cosmetic manufacturing and cleaning product formulas?

Click here to discover the trade secrets and formulations of making makeup, cosmetics, toiletries and detergents.

There’s much to be learned from the multi-national manufacturers – they have market research budgets running well into the millions. Simply by observing what they do – whether in terms of branding, labeling, designs, packaging, advertising, etc – you can capitalize on and profit from their efforts.

So, why AustraLab?

Let’s take a closer look at one of the world’s largest cosmetic, toiletry and household detergent manufacturing conglomerates.

Procter and Gamble is number 6 in Fortune‘s “Most Admired Companies 2010” list. It has an annual income of around $80 billion (increasing every year), assets of around $135 billion and manufactures under more than 100 different brand names of cosmetics, bath body productstoiletriesdetergents and cleaning products.

One of these brands is the Aussie range of hair care products – shampoos, conditioners and styling aids, with packaging featuring the iconic Australian kangaroo. Procter & Gamble realized the international value – and massive profit potential – of a range of products with an Australian theme, and purchased the brand for an undisclosed sum several years ago.

It now sells the Aussie brand throughout the world, including the US, UK and Middle East.

Although originally designed as a “professional only” niche range, many of the products have achieved mass market sales. The Aussie brand 3 Minute Miracle conditioner has been the UK’s top selling intensive hair conditioning treatment.

The profitability and popularity of Australian brand products has already been unequivocally proven by this manufacturing giant – and with AustraLab you have the opportunity to reap similar rewards.

You can label your products “Made Under License From AustraLab Australia”. With 100 top quality, professional formulations (and over 250 unique label designs) for hair care, skin care, sun products, toiletries, household and industrial cleaning products, the potential is unlimited.

When you’re starting out in the cosmetic manufacturing and cleaning product formulas industry, the AustraLab trademark license not only provides instant marketplace credibility for your products and your company,  it helps generate immediate sales through the attention-grabbing, unique labels and worldwide reputation of the high quality standard of Australian products. It will save you countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars in graphic design fees – allowing you to concentrate your efforts on money-making activities.

Once you’re established, you can take another leaf from the multi-nationals’ book – increase your stable of brands, and branch out into private label cosmetics manufacturing.

Aussie or AustraLab – which logo is more appealing? …  you be the judge.

AustraLab designs for cosmetics manufacturing and detergent manufacturing

There are more than 250 designs included in the AustraLab package – see more AustraLab Designs

You can read more about the cosmetics manufacturing and cleaning product formulas industry at the AustraLab website.

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  1. Howdy Sam,

    Your logos win hands down! Very informative blog – been interested in this industry for some time, but never found anyone offering anything like this. I’m Excited!

  2. Hi Sam, it’s me again. I love this article blog here. What an excellent entrepreneural idea. I’ll love to enquire further into this grand opportunity you have to offer to us common folk. Again, I am a Constitutional Democratic Republicwho is a strong proponent of the free market economy. I will continue reading your wonderful blog full of excellent entrepreneural ideas. Thanks-a-trillion-dollar-times my new friend!

  3. i would like to start this business manufacturing lotions, chemicals, perfumes and toiletries, makeups shampoo please lets communicate about it

  4. am interested in starting manufacturing of make ups, shampoo, cleaning chemicals, body lotions, perfumes and others please send me more information about that

    1. Hi Futhi,

      The AustraLab program comprises 100 professional formulations, manufacturing procedures manuals, marketing manuals, 250 graphic designs for labels, plus the trademark license. You can find al the details on my website

  5. All the information I got in your blog is reach and deeply professional in many fields.
    Your decision to share the secret to many is wonderful.Is the license free till date?
    I mean on purchasing the guides.I will join you soon,you have to assure me that you don’t have ingredients like just want me to dilute.
    Trillion thanks!!!

    1. Hi Mohammed, it’s great to have you here.
      I’m not actually familiar with ast-12 – and I’ve done a quick database search but nothing came up. I am assuming it might be a locally manufactured additive that is not in common usage.
      However, with the AustraLab formulations you will be making products just like the major manufacturers – there are no dilutions or “just add water” – my formulas are the “real deal”.

  6. i would like to know if i could sell the products in GREECE i cant seem to findout and i was wondering if you could help me !!

    1. Hi Katherin,
      The AustraLab license is international – Cosmetic and detergent products can be sold anywhere in the world.

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