Toiletries manufacturing is big business. Rain or shine, strong economy or sluggish – deodorant is one product which never goes out of fashion. In fact, global sales are increasing steadily every year.

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Can you really make money from manufacturing anti-perspirants and deodorants? You better believe it – and in case you’re the type who likes proof, just take a look at the last sales figures for the “Big 5” – otherwise known as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK.

In France in the past year, deodorant sales in the toiletries manufacturing sector increased a healthy 4.5% – bringing the total to 428.62 million euros. Women’s deodorants comprised 218.62 million euros, men’s deodorants not far behind at 197.6 million euros. Unisex deodorants accounted for 12.41 million euros. The trend indicated that unisex deodorants are falling in popularity, with consumers preferring toiletry/personal care products formulated for their own gender.

The deodorant market in Germany was also strong – with sales totaling 598.18 million euros.  In terms of units sold, this added up to 49.12 million deodorants.

Where do most German consumers purchase their deodorants? Drugstores took 51.2% of sales – making a total of  306.07 million euros worth of underarm happiness. This indicates strong potential growth opportunities for private label toiletries manufacturing.

It was a similarly happy story in Italy, with increased sales at 394.27 million euros. However, it was the export market which really soared – up by almost 10%. Italy exported a massive 12.94 tonnes of deodorants.

The Spanish deodorant market is also increasing – worth 256 million euros. Spain’s toiletries manufacturing market is slightly smaller than its European counterparts. Why? Market research indicates that Spaniards use deodorant products on average six times per week. The European average is six and a half times per week. What a difference half a day can make!

Deodorant sales in the UK grew to 516.65 million euros, accounting for 356.77 million units. Interestingly, women’s deodorants experienced much higher sales – taking a 68.5% share of the market.

As you can see from these figures, which only tell the story for five countries, there’s big money to be made in the toiletries manufacturing industry from just one single type of product – deodorants. Innovation – such as the addition of natural scents and cosmetic ingredients – is just one method to further increase sales.

Some of my most successful ventures in the cosmetic manufacturing and toiletries manufacturing industry have been in the deodorant market. Making deodorants for sports fundraising (private labeling the products with the name of the club) has made me mega bucks on a long term basis.

Manufacturing deodorants and toiletries is extremely easy – and the profit margins extremely high. See the AustraLab home page to learn more about toiletries manufacturing.

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