How To Make Skin Tonics & Astringents

facial tonic astringent

¬† Astringents are a class of materials which are identified by their local effect on skin when applied topically. These effects may include all or some of the following (not all astringents are equally effective): the erection of hairs, the tightening of skin, or at least the sensation of tightening, the temporary reduction of pore […]

How To Make Deodorants & Anti-Perspirants

roll-on deodorant

Deodorants and anti-perspirants are among the highest volume selling personal care products in the world. The article below provides an overview into the basic formulary of making deodorants and antiperspirants. With the AustraLab program, you don’t need to understand the chemistry of making these products. I’ve done all the hard work for you. The formulations […]

How To Make Styling Products

hair styling products

From gels and creams, to waxes and pomades, making hair styling products has never been such big business, offering such diversification. Hair styling preparations are required for both men and women, to improve the control and manageability of hair, to impart lustre, and to maintain a hair style despite the various environmental conditions to which […]

How To Make Shaving Products

The market for male grooming aids is booming. From shaving products to hair care and skin care, men are more concerned about their appearance than ever before. And savvy business owners are capitilizing on this trend – barber shops are now producing their own brands of in-demand niche grooming products. Discover how to start your […]

How to Make Hand Creams & Cleansers

hand cream

Hand Creams and Hand & Body Creams The hands are the main unprotected area of the body other than the face. It is important that the skin which covers them should remain soft and smooth. The main features of good hand creams or lotions are therefore that they should be easy and quick to apply […]

10 Compelling Reasons for Private Label Hair

make hair care products

Private Label Hair Care – from shampoos and conditioners to serums and sprays – is big business. If you own a hairdressing salon, having your own private label hair care line will give you significant prestige and profits. If you’re looking for a high profit business, manufacturing private label hair care could make you a […]

Start Your Own Cosmetics Company

cosmetics made in kenya

Ever wanted to start your own cosmetics company? But you’re not quite convinced you can really make money? I guess the skepticism is understandable – the cosmetics industry is shrouded in secrecy and previously ridiculously difficult to join. You can get in now – click here to discover how to start your own cosmetics manufacturing […]

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

make your own cleaning products

Make your own cleaning products – start your own business – make a fortune and save a fortune. Click here to discover the trade secrets of how to make your own cleaning products. If you have a business which uses cleaning product formulas or detergents on a regular basis, you’re missing out on huge profits […]

Cosmetic Chemistry – How To Make Makeup & Skin Care

skin care products

So, you want to be a cosmetics chemist? You want to join the cosmetic chemistry industry and formulate skincare, makeup, haircare, toiletries and beauty products? But – you think you need to go to university for four or five years, spend tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees, and gain qualifications such as a¬†cosmetic […]

Cosmetics Business – Make Your Own Makeup, Start An Empire

makeup manufacturing

Making cosmetics, makeup, skin care and hair care products is a multi-billion dollar industry – but you don’t need a big budget to start your own cosmetics business. In fact, you can start a cosmetics business for much less than the cost of many other less profitable ventures. Click here to discover the secrets and […]