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Welcome to AustraLab

Welcome to the AustraLab blog.

Within these pages, I will be sharing with you the amazing diversity of the cosmetics manufacturing and detergent formulas industry.

Click here to discover the secrets to start your own business manufacturing cosmetics, skin and hair care products, toiletries and cleaning product formulas.

It’s an industry you can now join – without a massive investment of capital or time. In fact, as I so often say, there is no other industry I know of which offers such huge profits yet costs peanuts to operate.

There are no special qualifications needed – some of my AustraLab licensees include: a recently retired accountant; a bank manager made redundant after 25 years with the same bank; a single stay-at-home mother of three; a college art teacher; a cosmetics sales rep; a young lad aged 22 who just never “clicked” with studying – his parents got him started and he hasn’t looked back; a cardiac surgeon; a pharmacist; a sewing machinist-dressmaker forced to sell her business suffering RSI; two good friends who previously worked in the same shoe store together for four years – they joined forces and quit their jobs after seven months …

Just about anyone can join this industry and start their own profitable business for minimum investment and minimum risk.

AustraLab can show you how to start a cosmetic line – from cosmetic chemistry to cosmetic ingredients – without any previous experience or education.

You can make you own cleaning products – start your own line of aromatherapy cleaners with essential oils and exquisite scents (not to mention incredible profit margins).

If you already have a business which uses or sells cosmetics, sun products, skin care, hair care, spa/bath and body products, toiletries, or any kind of detergents or cleaning products – this is a business you should consider very seriously. When you realize how much of your profits your suppliers have been taking from you (plus the probable loss of sales because of brand saturation – you can read more about private label cosmetics manufacturing here), you will wish you had started making your own makeup, cosmetics and/or detergent/cleaning products much sooner.

I’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years – there’s not much I haven’t seen – so within these pages I’ll be showing you how you, too, can join the ranks of some of the most profitable companies on the planet.

Can’t wait to start? Visit the AustraLab website.


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  1. im very interested but how to joint? i am from malaysia.

  2. I have always wanted my own cosmetic business. Your website gives me good inspiration. Now I can’t wait to join!

  3. I love australab! This is such a brilliant idea, I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t wait to get started.

  4. Hi,
    Just finished reading all your pages, great blog and very interesting writing. I’m very interested in joining your program. Ive always dreamed of having my own business making makeup and skin treatments, but before I read your information I didnt think it was something I would ever be able to get into. Cant wait to get started. I found your blog by accident so I feel it is a sign for me as I have been looking for such a long time to find something like this.
    Thanks so much to you!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Ritzy, and I’m glad to have been able to provide you with some useful information and encouragement.
      Making cosmetics and skin care is much easier than you might have been led to believe (and a truly enjoyable career) – I wish you great success and look forward to welcoming you as a AustraLab licensee.

  5. Dear Sam,
    I would like to know how to make makeup to start my own business, but i don’t want to learn chemistry I just want to make cosmetics for sale. I looked at doing a cosmetic chemistry course, but it all seemed too complex and scientific for me. I am not interested in being a chemist and being able to write equations and formulate new products I just want to make makeup that is good quality and be able to add different colors and fragrants so I can sell it and make money. Can you help?

    • Hiya Rony,
      The AustraLab program is designed to allow those without any previous experience in the cosmetics manufacturing industry to be able to make makeup, make cosmetics, make shampoo, toiletries, etc with high quality professional formulations – without the need for understanding all the chemistry and technicalities. Basically, I’ve done all the hard work for you – all you need to do is follow the instructions. Just add the colors and fragrances of your choice. When you gain some experience making makeup and making cosmetics, you will find that you have the skills and confidence to be able to experiment and develop your own formulas if you so desire – but if all you want to do is make your own makeup and start a business, the AustraLab formulations, along with my manufacturing procedures and marketing manuals, are all you need.

  6. Hello Sam,
    It was really great reading your articles and informations.thanks for all the motivational writings.
    I am from india.presently working (8years compleated)and saving money to set up my own manufacturing unit,producing liquid detergent,car wash, liquid soap,cleaners ect.
    while searching in net I found your website and it was really informative.I will be sending you E-mail as soon as possible

    • Hi Shijith,
      Thanks for your kind words and your email – hope you received my reply – I always aim to provide useful information about the cosmetic and detergent manufacturing industry through my website and blog. If I can be of any more help, please let me know.

  7. manhar patel says:


    Right now i am working in pharmaceutical company as a technical supervisor.
    I want to built my oun cosmetic buisiness so i need your help for achieving my dream.

    yr lovely friend

  8. Margueritte Tandekwire says:

    Dear Sam, Your website is quite inspiring and i am trying to raise what is required to start.
    Regards, Margie.

    • Hi Margie,

      Great to hear from you again. I’m sure you will be successful in your venture – you obviously have the determination and experience to succeed.

  9. Dear Sam

    It looks fantastic opportunity. I like to know that can we pay you in instalments.

    I can not able to raise that much money at once.


  10. Candice L. Sparks says:

    Hi Sam, I am interested in starting my own natural/organic cosmetics, personal care, bath N body, biodegradable laundry detergent, cleaning products, and natural/organic pet care product lines. I eventually would like to set up a manufacturing firm along with other entrepreneurs within our future small free Republic town. Me and the other prospective Republic entrepreneurs will like to help rebuild our ruined economy in America by setting up our own manufacturing firm within our Republic. We do not want to set up or firm within the de facto’s jurisdiction (The United States Corporation) because they place excessive taxes ang regulations on businesses, especially new and start up businesses. We actually have two forms of governments; a Constitutional Democratic Republic (de jure, lawful gov. form) and corporate government Democracy (de facto, usurpers, unlawful). We are Constitutional Democratic Republics who desire to build our economy from the grass roots basis. So, manufacturing products that are demanded & needed is the best way to build a strong economy. I like your blog site because it helped me think of better entrepreneural ideas to build a free market based economy.

    • Hi Candice,

      It’s great to have you here – and I’m pleased I could give your entrepreneurial juices a boost.
      Wish you great success!

  11. dear sir,
    i live in Nigeria, how do i get started?

    • Hi Johnson,
      Great to have you here – all the details for starting your own business making cosmetics and detergents are on my main website at

  12. Mula Swamy Gatti says:

    Hi Sam,
    I am Very much interested in it. I am from India. How can i proceed with the things?

    • Hi Mula,

      The AustraLab program comprises 100 professional formulations, manufacturing procedures manuals, marketing manuals, 250 graphic designs for labels, plus the trademark license.
      All the details are on my website

  13. I am very interested, I have been for some time now, but I just don’t trust sending my credit card details over the nett, I don’t know what other arrangements we could do. Hope to here from you soon, thanks …

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Gurol,

      AustraLab’s payment processing offers 100% safe and secured encryption, but I understand your concerns.
      You can easily pay by bank/wire transfer if you prefer to order offline.

      When you have clicked the yellow Add to Cart button on my website –, and reach the order page, you will be asked to enter your billing details (name and email) and payment method (choose – bank transfer).
      Then, click the button “Finish Order”.

      You will then be directed to a page which gives you instructions for ordering – including a special order number which you then use to make the transfer. You will need to take these details to your bank and ask them to initiate the transfer for you, or if you have online internet banking, you can use the same details to initiate the transfer yourself.

      I’ve sent you an email with more detail.

  14. Hi
    I’m a Nigerian Lady and very much interested in starting my own cosmetics,cleaning bath and body,laundry detergent e.t.c business in my country Nigeria.I would love to be one of the Australab licensee.Hope it’s not late

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Onyii,

      I think there’s great untapped potential in the cosmetic manufacturing and detergent manufacturing industries, across North Africa and South Africa.
      These markets are experiencing steady growth – with such a huge population in these countries, studies show incredible room for expansion and low competition.
      You might like this article here, which will give you an indication of what can be achieved in a very short time – this small Kenyan company is now worth around $1 million, manufacturing just three hair care products.

  15. Thanks so much for helping to break the code of wealth whick appear to be for only the riches.My problem is i want to set up a detergent and cosmetic industry at ghana.Can you help me to get the machines neccesary to start the bussiness which i admire.I will be a licensee if i hear from you.THANKS

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Benson,
      The AustraLab formulas are engineered for ease of manufacturing, efficacy of ingredients and maximum profits – you actually don’t need any special machines. This article here will give you an overview of the manufacturing procedure. When I started out, I used very basic equipment – and most of my licensees have started out this way, too.
      When you start to receive larger orders and want to upgrade your equipment this can easily be self-funding. Always request 50 % deposit on the placement of every order – this way you’ve paid all the costs in advance plus some profit – which you can use to upgrade your equipment.

  16. Maribel Castillo says:

    Hi Sam, im so happy to read about you, i am a salon owner in texas and i am attending to college because i want to be a Chemist, and formulate a line of beauty products, in my country i was studying Chemical engineer but i didn’t finish because i come here to usa and now i was reading abou you , and i hope one day have my line of organic products, is a pleasure to read abou you.

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Maribel,
      I’m very pleased to welcome you as a reader of my website – I hope I’ve managed to provide you with some interesting insights.
      I wish you great success with your own product line.

  17. C. Goodwin says:

    Hi Sam. I’m excited to learn more about manufacturing cleaning products and cosmetics since I came across your blog and website. I find it hard to reach you though and I’d like to get some advice before I proceed with the venture.

    • Sam Stein says:


      Great to have you here. I’ve sent you an email – please let me know how I can help you.

  18. seun oluloro says:

    hi sam u ave done a gr8 job. how can i get started. pls reply

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Seun,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. You’ll find all the details about the program at my main website –
      Please get in touch if you need more info.

  19. Patrick Chua says:

    Hi Sam,
    Actually , I was looking for ways to find one expert that can help me to make hair shampoo, hair conditioners to be packed in big Salon Pack.
    Actually I plan to sell to salons in Cambodia as I saw that more and more hair and beauty salons has been set up recently.
    As I browse the web, I accidentally went into your website and noticed your offer.
    Can I work independently with you by engaging you as a consultant ?
    Since it is big profitable business, I am willing to share profit with you . What do you think ?
    By just reading, I think it might be difficult for me to be success.
    Hope to receive your sincere reply.
    Thanks and Regards

  20. hi
    hw cn i get ur direct email .,i want to start a cleaning chemical business

    ]tx in advance

    • Sam Stein says:

      Please let me know what further information you require.

  21. Hello Mr. Sam,

    Thank you so much for the valuable information.

    Are the products to be manufactured good for starting a direct selling company (MLM)?

    Best wishes

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Abdul,
      Many AustraLab licensees sell their products through multi-level marketing – it’s an ideal way to grow your business.

  22. Aloyce Mapunda says:

    Dear Sam,
    the Austra Lab is indeed the way to go especially in my country where jobs have become scarce following slow economic development and entrepreneurship spirit is just kicking in thanks for the details i look forward to trying this out for it has all it takes to get rid rid of seeking to be employed daily .

    Thanks .

    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Aloyce,
      Thanks for your interest in AustraLab. I look forward to helping you achieve your goal.

  23. Hi Sam,

    How can you help me start the business


  24. Hello Sam,

    I am happy to stumble over your blog. I would appreciate it if you can help me with information on how to Manufacture liquid detergent, air fresher and cleaning product.


    • Sam Stein says:

      Hi Eze,
      Thanks for reading my blog. You’ll find more information on manufacturing these products in the “Make Detergent & Cleaning Products” article category on this site.

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