AustraLab Licensing Agreement

For the protection of all licensees, please be aware that the following terms and conditions apply.

Purchase of the AustraLab license implies your agreement with these terms.

1. This non-exclusive license is strictly a single-user license – it cannot be transferred, traded, sold, redistributed, etc.

Upon purchase of your licence, you are required to register with AustraLab Australia the name of the individual in whose name the licence should be registered.

The license does not convey the right to use or reproduce any of the included formulations or information for re-sale, re-publication or re-distribution. It does not convey the right to allow others to use the AustraLab trademark.

2. The license allows the licensee to use the AustraLab brand name and the words: “Made under licence from AustraLab Australia” on cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries.

3. The AustraLab name and designs cannot be used for any other purpose whatsoever, apart from the manufacture of cleaning and cosmetic products, as detailed in the manuals.

The licensee agrees not to use the AustraLab trademark in combination with any other trademarks.

4. All licensees agree to maintain the high standard of the AustraLab brand name and products, and to maintain the high standard quality of the formulations.

5. All licensees agree that they will not do anything to bring the AustraLab name or products into disrepute.

6. Upon purchase and downloading, the AustraLab label designs will be provided in five folders:

AustraLab Kangaroo Designs, AustraLab We Mean Clean Designs, AustraLab Native Flora Designs, AustraLab Cosmetic Designs, AustraLab General Designs

The designs contained within the AustraLab Kangaroo Designs, AustraLab We Mean Clean Designs and the AustraLab Native Flora Designs can be used only in conjunction with the AustraLab name and trademark.

They cannot be used in conjunction with any other brand name.

The AustraLab Cosmetic Designs and the AustraLab General Designs can be used in conjunction with the AustraLab brand name, or your own brand name.

7. It is the responsibility of the licensee to abide by all local/country laws and regulations in relation to all aspects of the operation of this business.

The licensee agrees that they are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in their country pertaining to the manufacture, sale, labelling, distribution, marketing, advertising, transportation, etc, of the products contained within this license.

8. The licensee indemnifies and holds harmless the licensor from and against any loss, damage, claim, cost, demand or expense arising from any claim, suit, judgement or proceeding brought or asserted by any party arising out of or in connection with the manufacture, sales, labelling, marketing, distribution, etc, of any of the products contained within or associated with this license, or as a result of the use of the AustraLab trade mark.

9. The licensee acknowledges that no promise, representation, warranty or undertaking has been given or made by the licensor in relation to the capacity, uses or benefits to be derived from, profitability of or any other consequences of or benefits to be obtained from the entry into this Agreement.

10. The licensee agrees that they will not register any trademarks, domain names, trading names or any other names which include the AustraLab trademark or are substantially identical to or deceptively similar to the AustraLab trade mark.

11. Nothing in this agreement shall give the licensee any right, title or interest in the Trade Mark other than the rights to use the AustraLab trade mark in accordance with this Agreement.

12. AustraLab reserves the right to revoke the license of any licensee who fails to comply with or breaches this Agreement.

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